Karma and COVID….The United States and the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7, 2020

Will the world recover from COVID-19? Will China be held responsible? Will they be prevented from buying up the U.S.? What about our debt to China? Can we believe anything the media tells us? What’s REALLY going on?

You can be sure that there is more to unfold as the wheel of karma turns. Here’s how the upcoming Full Moon lines up with the birth chart of the United States.

At this Full Moon, transiting warrior Mars is conjunct the Natal Moon of the United States in the 3rd house of transportation, communication and the media. In Mundane Astrology the Moon represents public opinion and the people. This indicates there could be disruption or anger related to transportation, communications and yes, the media. What does this mean? People are already mad about the lies they are being told by the mainstream press. This anger is likely to grow along with frustrations about continued restrictions on travel and freedom of movement.

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

The Transiting Jupiter/Pluto powerhouse union connects with Natal Pluto in the 2nd house of money, the economy and ability to buy and sell. Transiting Saturn is within 5 degrees of the karmic Natal South Node in Aquarius in the same place! It opposes the Natal North Node in Leo in the 8th house of national debt, death, insurance and social security. In addition, Transiting Pluto is exactly opposite Natal Mercury in the 8th house. Saturn brings restrictions and don’t forget Uranus is still in Taurus over the 5th house of the U.S. which rules the stock market, causing erratic shakeups in finances.

Again, expect turmoil, revelations and big happenings that affect our ability to buy and sell, that change how we think, how we communicate and how we get around. Even Amazon has delayed non-essential items, meat shortages are here and we are limited in how much we can buy of many things. Look for young people to be in the limelight in some way, perhaps flouting social distancing orders or partying or protesting?

The corrupt secrets that have been hidden for so long are now being revealed. Some of these secrets are exhausting to think about, disheartening and some are truly horrifying. Deception is now becoming obvious to many and as Mars moves toward Neptune more secrets will be revealed, worldwide. Here are just a few examples:

  • Recent Wikileaks data dump of all files on April 22, 2020
  • It looks like past security advisor and 3 Star U.S. Army General Michael Flynn was targeted by the FBI and James Comey in a travesty of justice.
  • More and more information is coming out about abused and missing children and pedophile rings that span the globe.
  • The horrific harvesting of organs from living people in China with over 60,000 members of the peaceful Falun Gong movement murdered for money.

The Transiting karmic Nodes have just entered Gemini and Sagittarius where they will make their journey for the next 18 ½ months. The North Node is in Gemini over the 7th house of opponents, war and peace and foreign relations and the South Node is over the 1st house of the country and its citizens. The close connection to militant Natal Mars and transiting financial Venus may indicate increasing conflict with our opponents regarding the financial impact of COVID-19.   People will be searching for the Truth.

COVID-19 and Neptune

Neptune rules poisonous illness and is over the 3rd house of the media and opposing Natal Neptune in the 9th house of foreigners. In Virgo, this has to do with health issues. COVID-19 and its foreign source. Neptune over the 3rd house indicates LIES and DECEPTION will continue along with alarming increases in suicide.

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