“The first time I worked with Mary, was a few days before I had a scheduled surgery. My concern was hearing any inappropriate or negative comments while sedated that could affect my recovery. I hoped that with Mary’s help we could eliminate any possible negative influences.

 The surgery went very smoothly, and I went back less than 24-hours later to remove the bandages. The nurses told me they were amazed at how well recovery went, how controlled the bleeding was and how little swelling I had.  I was so pleased I only took half of the pain medicine prescribed.

During the next session, I wanted to work on a life-long and medically unexplainable pain that I had suffered from for years. Through hypnosis I was able to find the source event and release the emotion. Since that session I have been pain free. I am so grateful to have met Mary. I appreciate her approach to hypnosis and respect for my beliefs as well.”   – Ginny L.

“My original aim had been to use hypnosis to help clear away any limiting thoughts that were holding me back from reaching my full potential in my career. Mary was able to help me create a laser-like focus on my career goals. I appreciated the positive and self-empowering approach she took. After our first session, I noticed massive change and improvement at work. I have since had three more appointments and continue to see more improvement and success!”     – K.D.

“During my entire regression experience, Mary was calming, supportive, gentle, and thorough in helping me to relax and to focus on the issues I chose to resolve. As a result, I had great success!”  – JLM

“Mary provides astrological insights for me and Reiki healing.  She is gifted at sending me healing when l call her and tell her that I need distance healing. She is well educated, experienced, and continues to increase her knowledge”  – JSF