Regression Therapy

Hypnotic Regression is an advanced hypnotherapy technique. Through deep relaxation and hypnosis, the individual journeys back in time to recover lost memories and events from early childhood, birth, and beyond. Gained insights can be profoundly transformative, bringing new perspectives, perceptions, and often healing – with immediate results.

Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D., author and noted psychiatrist specializing in past-life regression states:

“…past life therapy offers a rapid method of treating psychiatric symptoms, symptoms that had previously taken many months or years of costly therapy to alleviate… Many were able to rid themselves of chronic lifelong symptoms, such as specific phobias, panic attacks, recurrent nightmares, unexplained fears, obesity, repeated destructive relationships, physical pain and illness, and so on. This is not a placebo effect… these are not people who are gullible or suggestible. They remember – names, dates, geography, details. And after they remember… they become cured. Perhaps even more important than the curing of specific physical and emotional symptoms is the knowledge that we do not die when our bodies do. We are immortal.”
                                   —Brain Weiss MD, “Through Time Into Healing”

Releasing the emotional bonds associated with past traumas can immediately heal the impact on the current life. It is especially effective for resolving fears and phobias, relationship issues, compulsive behaviors, and destructive patterns.

Sessions can last up to 2 hours in length. Cost is $250.