Update on Pandemic and Economy

To get an idea of the year ahead for a nation, mundane astrology looks to the Aries Ingress chart for important clues.  Cast for the capital of the country, this chart is timed for the moment when the Sun enters Aries. This begins the new astrological year for the nation, which is something like a solar return.

The following are key takeaways from my analysis of this chart for the United States for 2020. I am following this with the astrological details for those who are interested in the details. There are more astrological changes coming up in the near future which I will touch on in future articles. Meanwhile, remember this is a year of big dramatic change!

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Key Takeaways for the U.S. in 2020

  • People will be focused, determined, driven and will search for the truth and answers to issues
  • Workers will be dedicated and reliable, especially those in the medical and service fields
  • Things may stabilize but there will be powerful changes – the world as we knew it before 2020 will be very different once this year is over
  • Society will be permanently transformed by what is experienced this year – necessary adjustments such as working remotely, more online purchasing, food delivery, telemedicine and others may become the accepted norm in the future
  • Upheavals and transformation will take place in issues around the elderly, government, religion, medicine, education – really anything that has been institutionalized and around for a long time
  • Karmic energy calls for a more compassionate approach; People will be very emotional but also concerned with humanitarian acts
  • Transportation over water and oil will be in the news
  • The entertainment industry will experience big changes
  • Expect shakeups of the earth such as earthquakes and volcanoes
  • There are opportunities for great inspiration and spiritual connection


  • Coronavirus may be strengthened or another wave may occur – Expect positive breakthroughs in treatments
  • People will be thinking and communicating about issues of health in all media
  • The nation will struggle with the disease and the truth may never be known about its origin
  • The President is leading the fight against this disease to bring healing to the homeland


  • The stock market and economy will fluctuate all year and we will be dealing with issues around Social Security, insurance, finances and mortality

Astrology Details and Commentary Starts Here

First House – The U.S. and its citizens, image and characteristics

In the Aries Ingress chart for the United States, the Ascendant is in Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed sign with drive, focus and deep resolve. Scorpio can bring stability but it can also indicate big transformation, as it is ruled by Pluto, The Destroyer. Since this house represents the nation’s people, this indicates that the society will be permanently changed. 

However, Sagittarius is also in the Nation’s first house, indicating that there will be educated and thorough search for truth and knowledge.  With these energies combined, the people will be focused searching for answers to current problems and will be fundamentally transformed in the process.  Like the great depression, and the world wars, these current events will force the people to search for new ways of being and thinking that will result in permanent changes.

Money & Economy – 2nd House

Looking at the second house of the economy, the big lineup of planets in Capricorn portends big change. Pluto, Mars and Jupiter form a powerful conjunction. Expect to see upheavals and transformation in everything Capricorn: the aged, business, finance, religion, medicine, government, education – anything institutionalized that we have come to rely on for a long time. Also, the Pluto/Mars conjunction could fuel the virus even more or create a second wave. Jupiter brings expansion (for good or ill) but also protection.

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will stay there until 2024. Pluto brings a period of drastic and concrete social change, especially regarding finance and political power. Mars also represents epidemics of contagious diseases and the conjunction here indicates the impact of this contagion on finances and other Capricornian institutions.

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 23, indicating restriction of the people. This is in line with the increased emphasis for people to stay home. So look for more official rulings around this topic.


Saturn and the Nodes represent Karma. Saturn is also in the 2nd house of money, bringing restrictions. This could mean new economic regulations, or volatility in the stock market.  The karmic South Node is also in the second house, representing the past and what has to be released (patriarchal control).  The North Node represents the current karmic path and in the 8th house, squares the Sun, bringing difficulty to the leader.  This could mean more difficulty for our president and other political leaders during this time.

Transportation & Communication – Third House

Mercury, ruling communication and the 6th house of health, is in the third house in Pisces. I believe this indicates we will be thinking and talking about matters of health, specifically the pandemic, since Neptune in Pisces is another indicator of infectious diseases and poisons. Issues around transportation over water and oil, also Neptunian, will emerge. We see this now with many passenger ships trying to find a port where they can land. Also, the price of oil has dropped substantially. Expect to hear more about these topics this year.

Public Opinion – The Moon

The Moon, which represents the emotions of the people, is in humanitarian Aquarius. People will be concerned for one another and there will be many acts of kindness that come out of this turmoil.

The Homeland & living conditions – the 4th House

Neptune is in Pisces (and will remain in Pisces until 2025) in the 4th house of the nation. When Neptune is involved, there is always a mystery surrounding the subject. In this case, we may never know the truth about the origin of this disease.

Along with confusion and delusion, Neptune brings the opportunity for higher spiritual connection and a spiritual awakening. There is an opportunity for great inspiration and creating beautiful art. Pisces is also the sign of compassion for others and we are already hearing of these humanitarian acts of kindness taking place here and across the world.

The 4th house represents the homeland in mundane astrology. We will be confronted with disease, confusion and the need for healing as well as opportunities for a deeper spiritual connection throughout the year.

The Head of State  – The Sun

The Sun, which represents the top leader in mundane astrology, is in the 4th house in Aries. The President will be leading the battle (Aries) with strength, initiative and fearlessness, all Aries traits. In the 4th house, the President is concerned with protecting the nation and bringing healing as Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is also here. Saturn is forming a supportive and positive sextile to the Sun. Mars in Capricorn brings a responsible and business like approach to the effort.

Entertainment, gambling, children and the stock market – 5th House

The 5th house is in Aries, which in mundane astrology, rules the stock market, among other things. Mars is the ruler of Aries and is in the 2nd house conjunct Jupiter and Pluto, bringing continued ups and downs for the stock market all year. The entertainment industry will also experience fluctuations and big changes.

Workers, public health and medical services  – 6th House

The 6th house represents the workers of the nation, medical services and the general health of the country. Venus is in the 6th house in its own sign of Taurus and squares the Moon, emphasizing the strong emotions of the people.

Uranus (sudden changes and insights) is making a positive connection to Mercury, which rules the mind as well as communication, indicating we should be hearing about treatment breakthroughs  – in fact we are already beginning to hear about this now.

Taurus is an earth sign and also rules money. With Uranus here, shaking things up, we should expect ups and downs in the financial markets to continue as well as actual earth upheavals. Taurus also rules the throat, so it is interesting the Coronavirus begins in the throat.    

National debt, mortality rates, insurance and social security – 8th house

The North Node is in Cancer, indicating that a humanitarian approach to caring for people must take precedence over old control practices. In the 8th house, we will be dealing with issues around the national debt, mortality and other 8th house factors all year.

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