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Expect the Unexpected in 2023

This year begins with the potential for explosive action as things that have been building over the past few months will likely come to a head this month. We are still under the influence of the powerful clash of Saturn and Uranus, and this will be in effect until mid-spring, 2023. This brings with it the potential for political, geological, financial and societal upheaval. Mars goes direct in Gemini on January 12th and Jupiter will be in aggressive Aries at that time, so there can be explosive events. The year is likely to kick off with sudden and unexpected incidents and realizations, some that could be violent or extreme. Overall, 2023 is a year of change – in fact the years 2023 to 2025 are all about transition as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all change signs during this time.

Mercury, Mars and Uranus are all retrograde on January 1, resulting in some inner work and turmoil for some of us. Mercury rules all forms of communication and the media. Humanity is beginning to see more clearly how the media has propagandized their agenda and how people have been influenced and controlled. When planets are retrograde, there can be internalized anger and wounds from the past. Things may emerge from the dark and revelations may occur. When Mercury goes direct, people may change their minds about their beliefs and when beliefs change, great confusion can result. With the planets going direct later in January, we will surely begin to see things more clearly and with this we can free ourselves from the control of media-produced fear.  

Mercury and Mars are in quincunx to each other, which is a difficult and discordant relationship. There can be scandals and things can seem out of control and chaotic. Many revelations and realizations will come about in early 2023 that should result in resolution this year. It is important that as individuals, we get in touch with who we really are and what we truly value. This is a major transformative time for all of humanity where individuals across the globe will be standing up for their freedom.

What about the positive?

When Mars goes direct in Gemini on January 12, there will also be a positive connection with Jupiter, which will benefit all the Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). The feeling of being blocked since October should lift and you may feel new energy to move forward. Opportunities are likely to show up as well. If you have been feeling stuck or unclear, you should feel this burst of positivity and you may feel a new interest in making things happen. This will be in effect from mid-January until mid-March 2023. If you have a new project, this is the time to get it launched because when Jupiter goes into Taurus in May, you will probably shift gears and want to get down to work to produce tangible results. Jupiter will stay in Taurus until May 2024.

This is a big transitional time – 2023 to 2025

During this period of time, from 2023 to 2025, the modern planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be changing signs. This is a big deal since they are all so slow moving and have such big impact. For example, it takes Uranus about seven years to move through a sign. Neptune takes about 13 to 14 years and Pluto, which has an elliptical orbit can be anything from 12 to 32 years in a sign. To have all three of these powerful planets changing signs can be very significant, especially impacting cultural change.

The last time Pluto, Uranus and Neptune changed signs was in 2008-2011. Thinking back to that time, we suffered a very difficult financial recession. There were uprisings, revolts and uprising around the world. Planets can be especially powerful when leaving or entering a sign. Often there can be a repeat of energy and events experienced in previous similar cycles.

We are now concerned with extremely high inflation, an unpredictable financial situation and revolts all over the world. Expect to see these things increase from 2023 to 2025.

Nothing is Secret Anymore

When Mercury and Pluto join together in Capricorn on February 10, more secrets will be revealed, and nothing can be hidden anymore. The deep underbelly of long-lived institutions and foundational pillars of society that were previously considered sacrosanct will be revealed and we see the truth.  

More coming soon about major astrological events this year, such as Saturn moving into Pisces, Venus Retrograde in Leo, squares to Uranus, eclipses and more…

As a reminder, the following aspects are still being felt as the waves of energy they began are still reverberating…

Pluto Return for the United States

We are in the midst of the US Pluto Return, with the last exact hit in December 2022. However, the impact of this return will be long-lasting, probably until the end of the decade.

Everything old and trusted is being tested and turned upside down. This is worldwide, not just in the United States. Corruption is being exposed in every corner of society. Any abuse of power will be revealed. Buried corruption and secrets are being dredged up from the dark to the light of day for all to see.

Pluto is the Great Destroyer and the Great Regenerator as well. We are preparing for something better to come.

As a country, we are at that moment in history that so many empires have faced before. We became an empire after WWII when Britain fell from this position during their Pluto Return. Most empires last about 250 years which coincides with Pluto’s slow movement around the zodiac. When an empire experiences their Pluto return they are either transformed or destroyed. Rome lived through two Pluto Returns but was destroyed at the second one.

The Great Chronocrator in Air

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The timekeepers of the zodiac, Saturn and Jupiter, come together about every 20 years, beginning a new cycle of time. This has been studied throughout the ages and has been found to herald important cultural changes.

The December 2020 conjunction was significant because these planetary giants moved from the heavy Capricorn earth energy into the revolutionary air sign Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn have an 800 year cycle and spend about 200 years in each element. There was a brief foray into air between 1981 and 2000 and then a return to earth. This conjunction signifies a big change as they have now moved into air where they will remain until December 20, 2159 when they move into water at 7 Scorpio.

What can we expect?

2020 , 2021 and 2022 have been exhausting for the world. This all began with the powerful lineup of planets in heavy Capricorn on January 12, 2020. At that time, Saturn, Pluto, Sun and Mercury were all together in Capricorn, heralding big change to the institutional foundations of our world.

Pluto plows up the fields to prepare for the new planting, and in doing so, dredges up long-buried secrets and turns everything upside down. Pluto continues this major and permanent transformation until November 2024 when it finally moves into Aquarius. At that point, it is likely to expose the dark underbelly of science, technology and other Aquarius topics.

What do we know about Aquarius?

My apologies to all Aquarians who may read this. The following description is not personal but more about what Aquarius represents on a global scale.

We know Aquarius is all about the mind. But it can also be radical, fanatical and revolutionary. Aquarius can be distant and aloof, better with groups than with the individual. Aquarius is visionary, values the intellect above all and is forward thinking, concerned about what is best for society rather than the individual. It is humanitarian, eccentric, the inventor, the thinker, coming up with crazy new ideas which will eventually become accepted with the passage of time.

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What does this mean for us?

Things should speed up. Capricorn has been slow, heavy and serious and now we move into faster-moving airy Aquarius. Expect to see an increase in altruism, inventions and innovations. Things we can’t imagine now will be developed. However, Aquarius is another Saturn-ruled sign, so this gives us five years of heavy trials, tribulations and restrictions from Saturn.

There may be an increase in revolutionary and fanatical behavior. The strong focus on the physical and material world, which has been in place for the past 200 years in Earth signs, should now begin to diminish and we will be more concerned about our thoughts and energetic connections. We may look to the skies for space travel and consider the possibility of alien life. Since Aquarius is air, everything about air will be emphasized, air travel even the air we breathe. But what about Saturn in Aquarius? Expect more restrictions and lock downs from authority figures.

Saturn Square Uranus – Clash of the Giants

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Restrictive time-keeper Saturn in Aquarius was conjunct erratic Uranus in Taurus three times in 2021, creating the opportunity for more change. In reality, the energy of this powerful square was in effect throughout 202 and continues into early 2023 .

While Uranus moves slowly through earthy Taurus until 2026, it will continue to shake things up. Taurus rules money among other things, so expect changes to continue in the banking and monetary sector. Also, Uranus in Taurus can bring breakthroughs in medicine. It can also bring increased storms, volcanoes and earthquakes, literally shaking the earth. Uranus is another one of the generational planets and works to transform the old guard to bring in a new approach where the potential of humanity can be more fully expressed.

The square brings tension between two different ways of operating in the world. The ancient ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, the serious monarch of tradition, restriction, institutions, the aged and responsibility. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, with an emphasis on the unconventional and all things Aquarius discussed above. Considering the see-saw between these two gives us an idea of what we will see and is actually an overview of what we have experienced through the end of 2022.

Uranus in TaurusSaturn in Aquarius
Emphasis on home and natureEmphasis on community, technology & innovation
Slower pace, enjoying simple pleasuresFaster, speeding up thought and connections
New forms of currency and bankingTraditional money, banking and institutions
Inventive approaches to nature, food production and anything physicalTechnological inventions that bring structure to large groups of people
Innovations in healingTraditional approach to medicine but with new inventions and integration of mind and energy approaches
Earth changes that may be disruptiveEmphasis on what the collective should do
Individual freedomAuthoritarian control measures “for the good of the community”
Freedom of speechCancel culture, restricted speech
Emphasis on the past and changing the old guardVisionary with sense of duty