Reiki Classes

  Who can learn Reiki?

Reiki is not a religion but Reiki is a gift from God.

Anyone of any age or health status can learn to use Reiki energy. An open heart and willingness to serve and help others is all that’s needed.

Chi energy is ever present and constantly flows in and through all creation. Reiki gives you increased access to this energy by clearing the pathway for amplified flow. Each level of Reiki training expands the flow of energy exponentially.

Traditional Reiki Degrees

Traditional Usui Reiki consists of three levels – or degrees. A Reiki student is initiated by a Reiki Master through a series of sacred attunements, which open the new practitioner to increased Chi or healing energy. This is a powerful healing method with many benefits.

Think of Reiki levels in the same way that a three-way light bulb works. Level I turns the light on, but it is at the lowest setting. Level 2 is brighter and stronger than Level 1 – and Level 3 is the brightest light the bulb can give. With each training level, the student’s access to the light is brighter and the flow of power increases.

There are many other forms of healing that require years of training and dedicated discipline – such as Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Qigong and others.  There are no such requirements with Reiki. It is immediately available.

First Degree – Physical healing and self-healing

  • Turns on access to the healing energy
  • Cleanses the aura and chakras

Second Degree – healing the mental and emotional levels

  • Turns up access to the healing energy
  • Heals the past and clears negative thinking patterns
  • Students learn to give distance healing with Reiki symbols

Third Degree – healing on the Spiritual and Soul level and teaching Reiki

  • Increases the healing energy exponentially to the highest level
  • Students receive the final symbols
  • Students dedicate themselves to the Divine and learn how to teach