Gemini Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse on November 30, 2020 at 4:39 AM EST – Letting Go

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

The November 30th Full Moon is the last Lunar Eclipse for 2020, being one of many planetary connections during a year of tremendous upheaval for the world.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

 A Lunar Eclipse happens when the transiting Sun and Moon are exactly opposite from one another in the zodiac. The Earth lies in between the luminaries and its shadow blocks the sun’s light. There are three types of Lunar Eclipse – total, partial and penumbral.

The total eclipse occurs when the alignment of Sun, Earth and Moon is perfect and the full shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon. The Moon is mostly dark during the eclipse but may have a dim glow due to the Sun’s refracted rays. A partial eclipse occurs when the lineup of planets is not perfect and the Earth’s shadow covers only a portion of the Moon. Penumbra eclipses occur when the Moon is in the Earth’s faint outer shadow; these eclipses are not very noticeable.

It’s about endings and letting things go

Full Moons tend to be fairly emotional times. We are all familiar with stories of more babies being born, higher emergency room visits and increased accidents and “lunatic” behavior that is associated with the Full Moon. A Lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon on steroids. It is an emotional time of release, endings, letting go and dissolving the past. Eclipses magnify things and often bring change and turning points. Conditions in our lives that need adjustment may become obvious and we can begin to release outmoded circumstances to begin anew.

Eclipses can be felt about a month before and after the actual event and they can act like a trigger, setting things into motion, putting us in just the right place at the right time or dissolving a particular area or experience of life. This can happen quickly or it can take many months to unwind. Eclipses bring us into awareness of our soul mission. All of life is a learning experience and eclipses remind us of our journey.

A new cycle begins

We have finally come to the end of the Capricorn/Cancer eclipse season and we now welcome the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity. Fiery truth-seeking Sagittarius is concerned with ideals, deep knowledge and truth. Its opposite, airy mental Gemini is about communication, gathering and disseminating information, moving and connecting with others and reserving judgement because there is always more to learn.

What else is going on?

There are other aspects occurring during this Full Moon that are worth noting. Erratic and revolutionary Uranus continues its long and tedious journey through Taurus and will oppose Venus in powerful Scorpio on that day. Venus, although often thought of as the peacekeeper is sometimes associated with the beginnings of conflict. There are also some difficult quincunxes in place during this Full Moon that will add to the general feeling of anxiety felt around the world.

The personal bottom line

This can be a time when emotions run high and when you feel the tug between opposites in your life such as the competing needs of work and home or your own personal desires and needs. The Lunar Eclipse is a time when you can clear away the emotional baggage of the previous six months and begin anew.

Because the Full Moon is in Gemini, you may find it is easier to communicate your feelings to others. Gemini brings increased mental energy which you can use to focus on what you want to draw into your life. Make sure your mind is focused on what lines up with your authentic self. This is a time when you can connect the powerful creative force of deep emotion with your mental faculty to create your future. The Hunas of Hawaii and others teach the miraculous power of connecting the joyful open heart with mental intent.

Eclipses can bring fated events into our lives and people and circumstances may fall away. Endings may happen or parts of your life may seem to dissolve. If this happens, trust that something new is coming to take its place.

What about the United States?

Looking at the Eclipse with the United States Sibley Chart, the transiting Sun will oppose and the Full Moon will conjunct the United States’ Natal Uranus, which in Mundane Astrology represents elections and the electorate. Natal Uranus is on the cusp of the 7th house of relationships, open enemies and terrorism. Transiting Uranus is making a difficult square to the karmic North Node of the United States. When Uranus is aspected, expect the unexpected.

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