Angry Full Moon – January 28, 2021

Today’s Full Moon is pretty intense. The Sun and Jupiter are together in Aquarius opposing the Moon in Leo. Jupiter can expand everything for both good or bad and its influence can amplify the potentially intense feelings this Full Moon may bring.  A difficult connection from the Full Moon and Uranus and Mars in Taurus makes this a potentially angry day with sudden events and eruptions possible. Uranus rules Aquarius so this strengthens the effect. Aquarius is all about the mind, humanitarian concerns, unusual ideas and breaking away from conformity. Uranus is electric, it is known for bringing the unexpected, for radical ideas and actions and for shaking things up. In earthy Taurus, these two planets together may portend changes in finances and even the earth itself. Saturn brings restrictions as well. This is a day with pretty much only hard aspects everywhere, which makes it extremely intense for us all. And, all three of these powerful signs are fixed, which means they can be stubborn and immovable.

Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

This is an especially intense Full Moon. In Western Astrology, it is in fiery Leo. In Vedic Astrology, which uses the Sidereal Zodiac, the Full Moon is in super emotional Cancer. However you look at it, this is likely to be powerful!

During the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are opposite in the sky. There is a push pull between the ego and the emotions, between work and home, desires and responsibilities and so on. The effect of the Full Moon lasts for several weeks and brings the focus to relationships. We all need to take a deep breath and practice some mindful patience and acceptance of others, taking the time to actively listen without angry reaction. Can we do this?

Gemini Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse on November 30, 2020 at 4:39 AM EST – Letting Go

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

The November 30th Full Moon is the last Lunar Eclipse for 2020, being one of many planetary connections during a year of tremendous upheaval for the world.

What is a Lunar Eclipse?

 A Lunar Eclipse happens when the transiting Sun and Moon are exactly opposite from one another in the zodiac. The Earth lies in between the luminaries and its shadow blocks the sun’s light. There are three types of Lunar Eclipse – total, partial and penumbral.

The total eclipse occurs when the alignment of Sun, Earth and Moon is perfect and the full shadow of the Earth falls on the Moon. The Moon is mostly dark during the eclipse but may have a dim glow due to the Sun’s refracted rays. A partial eclipse occurs when the lineup of planets is not perfect and the Earth’s shadow covers only a portion of the Moon. Penumbra eclipses occur when the Moon is in the Earth’s faint outer shadow; these eclipses are not very noticeable.

It’s about endings and letting things go

Full Moons tend to be fairly emotional times. We are all familiar with stories of more babies being born, higher emergency room visits and increased accidents and “lunatic” behavior that is associated with the Full Moon. A Lunar Eclipse is like a Full Moon on steroids. It is an emotional time of release, endings, letting go and dissolving the past. Eclipses magnify things and often bring change and turning points. Conditions in our lives that need adjustment may become obvious and we can begin to release outmoded circumstances to begin anew.

Eclipses can be felt about a month before and after the actual event and they can act like a trigger, setting things into motion, putting us in just the right place at the right time or dissolving a particular area or experience of life. This can happen quickly or it can take many months to unwind. Eclipses bring us into awareness of our soul mission. All of life is a learning experience and eclipses remind us of our journey.

A new cycle begins

We have finally come to the end of the Capricorn/Cancer eclipse season and we now welcome the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity. Fiery truth-seeking Sagittarius is concerned with ideals, deep knowledge and truth. Its opposite, airy mental Gemini is about communication, gathering and disseminating information, moving and connecting with others and reserving judgement because there is always more to learn.

What else is going on?

There are other aspects occurring during this Full Moon that are worth noting. Erratic and revolutionary Uranus continues its long and tedious journey through Taurus and will oppose Venus in powerful Scorpio on that day. Venus, although often thought of as the peacekeeper is sometimes associated with the beginnings of conflict. There are also some difficult quincunxes in place during this Full Moon that will add to the general feeling of anxiety felt around the world.

The personal bottom line

This can be a time when emotions run high and when you feel the tug between opposites in your life such as the competing needs of work and home or your own personal desires and needs. The Lunar Eclipse is a time when you can clear away the emotional baggage of the previous six months and begin anew.

Because the Full Moon is in Gemini, you may find it is easier to communicate your feelings to others. Gemini brings increased mental energy which you can use to focus on what you want to draw into your life. Make sure your mind is focused on what lines up with your authentic self. This is a time when you can connect the powerful creative force of deep emotion with your mental faculty to create your future. The Hunas of Hawaii and others teach the miraculous power of connecting the joyful open heart with mental intent.

Eclipses can bring fated events into our lives and people and circumstances may fall away. Endings may happen or parts of your life may seem to dissolve. If this happens, trust that something new is coming to take its place.

What about the United States?

Looking at the Eclipse with the United States Sibley Chart, the transiting Sun will oppose and the Full Moon will conjunct the United States’ Natal Uranus, which in Mundane Astrology represents elections and the electorate. Natal Uranus is on the cusp of the 7th house of relationships, open enemies and terrorism. Transiting Uranus is making a difficult square to the karmic North Node of the United States. When Uranus is aspected, expect the unexpected.

Halloween 2020 Full Moon in Taurus – Watch Out!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

This Full Moon is potentially very dangerous with unpredictable Uranus almost exactly conjunct the Moon, expect the unexpected!

Revolutionary Uranus is in earth sign Taurus until 2026, creating the potential for financial ups and downs, erratic human behavior as well as literal changes to the earth. At this Full Moon, it is almost exactly conjunct the Moon, making this a particularly dangerous time with emotions running high thanks to Mars in Aries.

Mars is in Aries until January 2021, an unusually long time. It continues to heat things up for the world and makes a tense square to Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Jupiter is in Capricorn, which rules government and long-held traditions, so this brings the possibility of increased aggression against the status quo. Unfortunately, fires and violence continue in the United States.

Whenever the Sun opposes the Moon, there is a push pull between opposite needs and forces such as the emotions and the rational mind, responsibilities of home and family versus work and so on. Relationships come into focus now and intuition is heightened during the Full Moon. The affect can be felt a few days prior to the Full Moon and lasts for about two weeks afterwards.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What about the United States?

The powerful and intense Scorpio Sun is opposite the more peaceful Taurus Moon. Scorpio is about big power which can sometimes be obsessive and manipulative. Taurus is about dependability, diligence, relaxation and the enjoyment of nature and the physical pleasures of life.

During the Full Moon, transiting Mars opposes Natal Saturn for the United States. This is an indication of continued struggle between the desire for fairness and harmony and aggression and riots.

This Full Moon is square the karmic Natal North Node of the United States in the 8th house, indicating possible volatility in the financial world and/or strong emotions around death and sex.  

Transiting Pluto continues its year-long conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn, bringing huge and powerful change to our world. It is nearing conjunction with Natal Pluto for the United States, a long feared event that is currently approaching at 4°53′ and one that can have tumultuous results for the country.

Mercury, the planet of communication and representing the media in mundane astrology, is currently retrograde but will be stationary direct on November 3, amplifying the effect of potential confusion and miscommunication around the election. Mercury is also square Saturn and Jupiter, both in Capricorn (representing the government, business, long-held foundational structures). There is the continued possibility of misleading or confusing information that may cloud the election results. Neptune, the planet of both dissolution and inspiration, makes some difficult connections to the U.S. chart indicating potential continued deception in the media.

On a positive note, for the United States, the transiting Sun makes a harmonious connection to both Venus and Jupiter, indicating a time of illumination and blessings that hopefully will transcend the more ominous indicators. Neptune makes positive connections to the U.S. Sun and Mercury; does this mean that lies will be exposed and our top leaders supported?

What to do?

The double whammy of Mars plus Uranus among other things during this Full Moon makes the next few days and weeks a potentially dangerous time. Aggression, anger, volatility, anxiety and accidents are all possible now. It may be more difficult to sleep or relax. Use your intuition to stay out of any potentially dangerous situations. Try to remain open and adaptable as change may be sudden and unexpected. Watch your own reactions and work to remain centered and loving to all. Lift up your neighbors, even if they disagree with you. This is a time when we can help bring healing in the midst of turmoil.

Powerful Full Moon in Aries October 1, 2020

This Full Moon is particularly intense with the Moon in fiery and combative Aries opposite the Sun in harmony-seeking Libra. The Full Moon always brings tension between competing areas in our lives such as the responsibilities of work versus home, the practical versus the emotional, male and female and so on. This Full Moon engages the tension between Libra which looks for peace and Aries which wants to strike out and make things happen now.

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is currently retrograde, turning the powerful and forceful energy inward. This Full Moon is linked to erratic Uranus in Taurus, making it possible for the unexpected to happen. We may feel the urge to act impulsively and aggressively.

The Full Moon is conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron, making this a highly emotional time for many. Issues long buried may come to the surface for release and healing. It would be  beneficial to observe and process your emotions rather than lashing out at others. This is an opportunity to heal and release what no longer serves your growth. Mars square Saturn brings issues of restriction to the forefront and you may feel you need to break free from anything that has been holding you back.

What about the bigger picture?

This Full Moon makes some difficult connections to the chart of the United States, squaring the Sun and the Moon and making challenging aspects to Jupiter and Saturn. Thankfully, there are more harmonious aspects to Uranus, the karmic North Node and the Ascendant which can help make this an easier time.

What can we expect?

This could mean more difficulties for our President (Sun) and the emotional state of the people of the United States (Moon). Things can get blown out of proportion or there can be big news from governmental officials (Jupiter). Mars squares Pluto in the U.S. chart bringing the possibility for more police or military involvement (Mars) and continued upheaval in social structures (Pluto). Connections to Neptune and Mercury bring the potential for continued pandemic concerns and obfuscation of the truth in the media. Look for more emphasis on socialism, humanitarian concerns and increased issues around drugs and alcohol.

My Advice

Stay away from large public gatherings for the next several weeks. Take this time to work on your own emotional healing and stay clear of aggressive people and situations. Guard against rash decisions or impulsive actions.

Full Moon August 3, 2020: Revolution and Regeneration

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Watch out for the unexpected as the Full Moon squares erratic and unpredictable Uranus. Uranus rules Aquarius and can bring the unusual into our lives. Aquarius is humanitarian and often eccentric and rebellious.  Aquarius can be The Genius, The Scientist or The Revolutionary.

When we have a Full Moon there is always the push pull between opposites such as male/female, home/work,  desires/needs and so on. The effect lasts about two weeks. Emotions run high at the full moon even when it is in emotionally cool Aquarius. Mercury is also opposing Saturn at this Full Moon, making difficult or restrictive news a possibility. This can be a time of emotional upset for many.  

How does this impact the United States?

As shown in the double wheel chart below, this Full Moon aligns closely with the karmic Nodes of the Moon for the United States.  When this happens, emotions can get out of control and people can react emotionally rather than rationally. The U.S. South Node is in the 2nd house of finance and the North Node is in the 8th house of resources such as Social Security and insurance.  

Transiting Uranus, which is squared by this Full Moon,  also squares the Nodes for the United States. Transiting Uranus is over the 5th house of the stock market. Remember that Uranus is in Taurus now until April 2026. This will be a time period with unexpected and earth shaking events such as earthquakes, volcanoes and storms as well as shakeups to our financial world. Today we are watching the hurricane Isaias as it powers toward North and South Carolina. Congress continues to struggle with how to help Americans caught in financial straits brought about by COVID-19 and the shutdown of the economy. The Moon, which represents the people and the emotional condition of the populace, is in the 2nd house emphasizing the concern of our citizens regarding their financial security.  

Transiting Mars in angry and aggressive Aries is square Mercury (the mind of the people) for the United States, adding fuel to the already hot emotional environment. And transiting Neptune in Pisces is over the third house of the media and communication, making it hard to know what is true but ultimately dissolving the lies and revealing long-hidden secrets.

We are only half-way through 2020 which has been full of intense and shocking events. Expect these types of events to persist as powerful and slow-moving planets Pluto and Saturn are both conjunct Natal Pluto for the United States.  Pluto brings big upheaval which prepares the way for regeneration and transformation. Saturn rules the government and often brings restriction along with an emphasis on responsibility and structure. As I have stated before, along with many other astrologers, this is a year when everything foundational will be transformed.

Hysteria in the Homeland

June 5 , 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 15:42 at 2:24:55 PM CST

Image by Iván Tamás from Pixabay

This is an angry Full Moon. The emotional Moon represents the people in mundane astrology and everyone is fired up and feeling the intensity.

We are living through a period of time that repeats the energy of the Fall of Rome, the Reformation, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  

This year we have experienced unbelievable upheaval in our country. COVID-19, sheltering at home, masks, loss of jobs, businesses closed, murder hornets, people arrested for trying to earn money followed by a senseless murder that shocked the world. Peaceful protests were hijacked  by well-organized and obviously orchestrated multi-city anarchist riots, looting and the murder of many innocents. All of this is fomenting anger, fear, suffering and grief.   

How can it get worse?

This is a particularly dangerous Full Moon because of Mars. During this eclipse, the Moon makes a difficult square to the warrior planet. In addition, the Full Moon is opposite Venus retrograde which is not good for those in strained relationships, nor for the United States, as it opposes the country’s Ascendant. In addition, the Sun is conjunct Mars and squares Neptune, signaling continued violence and confusion.

Lunar Eclipses bring the push pull between opposing energies represented by the Sun which is opposite the Moon in the sky. This can be the push pull between work and home, man and woman and in mundane astrology, the government and the people.

And to top it off, Neptune continues its slow passage through Pisces. It is traveling over the 3rd house of the United States, which represents communication and the media.

Neptune brings delusion, confusion and lies and can also bring inspiration and spiritual connection. But it is hard to see the more positive aspects now as Neptune is in the nasty third decan of its travels through Pisces which just happens to be ruled by warrior Mars. Look for more lies and deception and more delusion and violent behavior from the public.

Neptune rules poisons, gas and water, and suicides, among other things, so it is possible that we will be dealing with flooding and many more of these challenges now and until it leaves Pisces at the end of March 2025. Tropical storm Cristobal is forming now in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to make landfall on June 5, just in time for the eclipse.

Transiting Uranus is shaking things up for the country as it makes a difficult square to the United States’ Nodes. This has karmic ramifications.

Powerful upheavals continue due to the rare conjunction of three of the solar system’s most powerful planets, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. This very long term conjunction brings major changes in the structures our society is built on and we are witnessing the fracturing of our foundations now. This is turning our financial world upside down as the conjunction is over the 2nd house of money for the United States. The Transiting Nodes are square the Midheaven of the United States, indicating difficult karmic events.

Right now Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus are all retrograde slowing down and intensifying the power for change and making it more internal and individualized.

We have an ominous Solar Eclipse on June 21 followed by Mars entering Aries on June 27 where it will remain an unusually long time until January 7, 2021. During this time it will travel over the 4th house of the United States which represents the homeland, indicating terroristic and aggressive acts in our country.

There’s more of this to come I am afraid.

Karma and COVID….The United States and the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 7, 2020

Will the world recover from COVID-19? Will China be held responsible? Will they be prevented from buying up the U.S.? What about our debt to China? Can we believe anything the media tells us? What’s REALLY going on?

You can be sure that there is more to unfold as the wheel of karma turns. Here’s how the upcoming Full Moon lines up with the birth chart of the United States.

At this Full Moon, transiting warrior Mars is conjunct the Natal Moon of the United States in the 3rd house of transportation, communication and the media. In Mundane Astrology the Moon represents public opinion and the people. This indicates there could be disruption or anger related to transportation, communications and yes, the media. What does this mean? People are already mad about the lies they are being told by the mainstream press. This anger is likely to grow along with frustrations about continued restrictions on travel and freedom of movement.

Image by fernando zhiminaicela from Pixabay

The Transiting Jupiter/Pluto powerhouse union connects with Natal Pluto in the 2nd house of money, the economy and ability to buy and sell. Transiting Saturn is within 5 degrees of the karmic Natal South Node in Aquarius in the same place! It opposes the Natal North Node in Leo in the 8th house of national debt, death, insurance and social security. In addition, Transiting Pluto is exactly opposite Natal Mercury in the 8th house. Saturn brings restrictions and don’t forget Uranus is still in Taurus over the 5th house of the U.S. which rules the stock market, causing erratic shakeups in finances.

Again, expect turmoil, revelations and big happenings that affect our ability to buy and sell, that change how we think, how we communicate and how we get around. Even Amazon has delayed non-essential items, meat shortages are here and we are limited in how much we can buy of many things. Look for young people to be in the limelight in some way, perhaps flouting social distancing orders or partying or protesting?

The corrupt secrets that have been hidden for so long are now being revealed. Some of these secrets are exhausting to think about, disheartening and some are truly horrifying. Deception is now becoming obvious to many and as Mars moves toward Neptune more secrets will be revealed, worldwide. Here are just a few examples:

  • Recent Wikileaks data dump of all files on April 22, 2020
  • It looks like past security advisor and 3 Star U.S. Army General Michael Flynn was targeted by the FBI and James Comey in a travesty of justice.
  • More and more information is coming out about abused and missing children and pedophile rings that span the globe.
  • The horrific harvesting of organs from living people in China with over 60,000 members of the peaceful Falun Gong movement murdered for money.

The Transiting karmic Nodes have just entered Gemini and Sagittarius where they will make their journey for the next 18 ½ months. The North Node is in Gemini over the 7th house of opponents, war and peace and foreign relations and the South Node is over the 1st house of the country and its citizens. The close connection to militant Natal Mars and transiting financial Venus may indicate increasing conflict with our opponents regarding the financial impact of COVID-19.   People will be searching for the Truth.

COVID-19 and Neptune

Neptune rules poisonous illness and is over the 3rd house of the media and opposing Natal Neptune in the 9th house of foreigners. In Virgo, this has to do with health issues. COVID-19 and its foreign source. Neptune over the 3rd house indicates LIES and DECEPTION will continue along with alarming increases in suicide.

Licking Toilet Seats – Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th at 5:45 AM CST

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Will the Internet go down? Will people wake up and stop watching the mainstream news? Maybe so, since there is a difficult square between militant Mars and Mercury. This means there can be aggression and conflict or disruption of communications. The media will come under increased criticism for its failure to report the facts, and thanks to Neptune will likely continue their deceptive ways. Will people go to alternative sources to find out what’s going on? Will the stock market continue the wild bull-ride of Uranus in Taurus? These are all possibilities.

The Sun and Moon are exactly opposite from one another, the Sun at 17 Taurus and the Moon at 17 Scorpio during this full Moon. Just as these luminaries are opposite in the sky, the Full Moon signals a push pull between the masculine and feminine, the ego and the heart, the mind and the emotions.  The Moon is in deeply and often painfully emotional Scorpio, which is ruled by treacherous Pluto. Mercury conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon signals conflict about thinking and communicating.

What will happen to health care in the United States? What about businesses that have been closed and people who are out of work? What about banks? Will people go back to school or will we continue the virtual classrooms? Will we every get back to normal? The answer is NO, things will never go back to the way they were in 2019. But maybe that will be a good thing once we have made it through the gauntlet brought about by the ominous stellium of planets in Capricorn beginning in early January.

Remember, Uranus is still in Taurus, working to shake things up until April 2026. Uranus continues the difficult square between the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction signaling more shakeups to our foundational structures. Pluto maintains its close connection to the Jupiter/Saturn union, making this a painfully disruptive continuation of what we have already experienced since the lineup of planets in Capricorn launched the new year in January.

Pluto rules excretion, so it’s no surprise that our youth are licking toilet seats and partying by the ocean as Neptune rules the ocean, poisons, drugs and alcohol.

Neptune is square Venus, making it difficult to see what the truth is. Remember that Neptune can confuse and delude. It rules water and oil and can herald pandemics. Venus rules what we value as well as money. As a result, these cloudy issues and confusion will persist for a while. But as Mars moves toward Neptune, what has been covered up will be revealed about many hidden and corrupt agendas, including COVID-19.

All this change can feel overwhelming, but it is necessary to clear the way for a new more humanitarian way of being that will begin to emerge with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction on December 21 this year. Expect more ups and downs and disturbing news and events until the Fall, when things should lighten up. Ketu or the North Node will leave the Nakshatra Mula, the Nakshatra of destruction on September 19, 2020. It is interesting that Mula helps destroy illusions and reveals the truth for good or bad.

On a positive note, Neptune makes positive connections to the Sun, Moon and Mercury, softening the impact of these more difficult influences.

In the Vortex of Change

March 7, 2020 Super Full Moon in Libra at 9:35 PM CST

Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

The Super Full Moon on Tuesday, March 7, 2020 will be very powerful, adding to the monumental energies we have already experienced this year. This will be the largest Super Full Moon of 2020, when the moon will be the closest to the earth of any full moon this year.

Two powerful planets, aggressive Mars paired up with serious and restrictive Saturn are both squaring unstable Uranus. Look for big explosive, restrictive and unexpected events. In addition, the Full Moon squares the very strong Jupiter Pluto conjunction. This lineup of heavy hitter planets together with the biggest Super Full Moon of the year results in big energy and big emotion!

Full Moons are about our emotions and around the world people are feeling anger, grief, despair, confusion, uncertainty and depression; some are hopeless and see no path forward out of their great loss. Thankfully we are now getting a few breaths of Aquarius energy which will lighten our experience, bring hope and more positivity.

The Full Moon in Libra calls for emotional balance, harmony and justice and is exactly opposite the Sun in warlike Aries. There is a push pull between the need to calm the emotions, represented by the Moon, and the desire for courageous action, represented by the Sun.

As mentioned earlier, this Full Moon squares the powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction, releasing more energy for big and permanent change.

Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct three times this year at about the same location in Capricorn, most recently on April 4 and in the future on June 30 and November 12.  Pluto represents the power behind the power, and can result in often painful transformation, and the dredging up of secrets that must be brought out into the light of day.  Jupiter brings expansion and the desire for freedom and truth. Jupiter is the Great Benefic, ultimately providing protection against the ruthless but necessary transformation of the Great Malefic, Pluto.

Thankfully both Mars and Saturn are now in humanitarian Aquarius, making us think more about each other and what is best for all. There is a yearning for freedom and justice that comes with Aquarius as well as a desire to build and a vision for the future.

It is important to note that Mars, the Moon and Mercury often act as triggers for world events. With Mars square Uranus we could see aggression and rebellion, especially against any type of tyranny. Uranus always brings the unexpected and in Taurus can continue to shake up the earth as well as the financial world.

The Saturn Jupiter conjunction in January seems to have initiated this tsunami of big change we have been experiencing.  Saturn Jupiter conjunctions often herald the falling of kings, especially those that enslave others.

The United States’ Chart and the Super Moon

Using the Sibley Chart for the United States, July 4, 1776 at 5:10 PM in Philadelphia, PA and looking at the transits of the SuperMoon on April 7, there are some interesting aspects to consider:

  • Transiting Moon is square natal Sun (the President and the government)  and conjunct Natal Saturn (the elderly and conservatism) in Libra in the 10th house – signals that Feelings are high and the President and the elderly want truth, harmony and justice.
  • Transiting Mercury (communication and commerce) opposes natal Neptune (socialism and drugs, poisons) in Virgo in the 9th house (foreigners, legal system religious organizations) – communication about the pandemic and foreigners; the truth is obscured
  • Transiting Mars conjunct natal South Node in 2nd house & oppose natal North Node in 8th house– karma, something from the past must be released in order to move forward to lead from the heart, economy, social security and finances are being activated
  • Transiting Mars (Conflict, initiating energy) and Venus (arts, finances) are trine the Midheaven – positive energy for moving forward and finding peace and harmony
  • Transiting Saturn (elderly), Jupiter (Clergy, high courts) and Pluto (nuclear power, terrorism, upheaval of governments, powerful elite) oppose natal Mercury in 8th house of national debt, mortality rates, insurance and social security and conjunct natal Pluto (2nd house) – Issues around the elderly, involving the clergy and high courts and possible terrorist or power behind the power revelations. Secrets must come out. Economy should improve.
  • Transiting Uranus is over the 5th house of the stock market and square to North Node (karma) but positive aspects to Venus and Jupiter – stock market will be erratic all year, expect unruly events


It is true that our world is already vastly different than it was just a few months ago. The year has just begun and the changes have just started. We are experiencing the beginning of the Great Awakening with Uranus (ruling Aquarius) shaking things up and snapping us out of our trances. We may feel confused, lost or afraid of the unknown that lies ahead.  We are headed into a new way of being and we are now in the midst of the whirlwind of change.

It is important to pull up from the lower emotions and listen to the message of the Libra Full Moon. Find harmony, balance and center yourself during this transformative time. Just as the health care workers, truckers and others who are working hard to keep all of us going, you can do your part to help humanity by raising your consciousness through prayer, meditation and love. Walk in nature, appreciate your loved ones, listen to or create music. Participate in a group meditation or prayer chain – many are available online. Come out of fear into a place of harmony. As you do so, you raise the energy of the whole and provide a sense of calm and comfort for those who are suffering.

Contact me at [email protected] to learn how these aspects and 2020 may unfold for you!

Super Full Moon on March 9, 2020 in Virgo

This Super Full Moon in Virgo is powerful and brings energy for healing and overcoming fears. The Full Moon opposes Neptune which is conjunct the Sun in Pisces. This can expose scandal and can increase deception, delusion and confusion. This is a Super Moon, meaning it is especially close to the earth and will be very bright in the night sky.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

The Moon in Virgo is about healing yourself, emotionally and spiritually, as it aspects Neptune. It calls us to find peace in the midst of chaos.

Positively, Neptune rules spirituality, mysticism, inspiration and dreams. Negatively, it rules deception, delusion, addiction and treachery. It also rules poisons especially those coming from animals such as the Coronavirus which is now believed to have originated from bats, snakes or pangolins, and there are also rumors that it may have been created at a nearby Wuhan biotech lab.

Whatever the source of the virus, this Full Moon is likely to exacerbate fear and reveal new information about the Coronavirus now named the  2019-nCoV.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Meanwhile in the background, the ongoing conjunction of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn from early January continues its serious year-long impact. This energy should result in major restructuring of old foundations, as secrets are dredged up into the light of day, tilling the fields for a new transformational time in the future. On an individual and personal level, this energetic lineup is urging us to take responsibility and make mature choices.

At this Full Moon, you may be more emotional than usual since Neptune is so heavily involved.  Be aware that these emotions may go negative, showing up as paranoia and worry. However, beneficial Jupiter brings protection and a softening of the negative impact of Neptune’s shadow side.  It is important to remember that sometimes Jupiter expands things (to our detriment), so we might see an increased spread of the virus or increased media attention and fear at this time.

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

What can I do?

Connect to your Divine inner guidance and practice heart-centered compassion for others always, and most especially during this time of great uncertainty while those around you may be fearful and lashing out.  Choose love rather than hate. Remember that we are all connected in the One Source, we are just temporarily caught in the illusion of separateness. Pray for the highest good for all and you will find and expand peace.