Full Moon August 3, 2020: Revolution and Regeneration

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Watch out for the unexpected as the Full Moon squares erratic and unpredictable Uranus. Uranus rules Aquarius and can bring the unusual into our lives. Aquarius is humanitarian and often eccentric and rebellious.  Aquarius can be The Genius, The Scientist or The Revolutionary.

When we have a Full Moon there is always the push pull between opposites such as male/female, home/work,  desires/needs and so on. The effect lasts about two weeks. Emotions run high at the full moon even when it is in emotionally cool Aquarius. Mercury is also opposing Saturn at this Full Moon, making difficult or restrictive news a possibility. This can be a time of emotional upset for many.  

How does this impact the United States?

As shown in the double wheel chart below, this Full Moon aligns closely with the karmic Nodes of the Moon for the United States.  When this happens, emotions can get out of control and people can react emotionally rather than rationally. The U.S. South Node is in the 2nd house of finance and the North Node is in the 8th house of resources such as Social Security and insurance.  

Transiting Uranus, which is squared by this Full Moon,  also squares the Nodes for the United States. Transiting Uranus is over the 5th house of the stock market. Remember that Uranus is in Taurus now until April 2026. This will be a time period with unexpected and earth shaking events such as earthquakes, volcanoes and storms as well as shakeups to our financial world. Today we are watching the hurricane Isaias as it powers toward North and South Carolina. Congress continues to struggle with how to help Americans caught in financial straits brought about by COVID-19 and the shutdown of the economy. The Moon, which represents the people and the emotional condition of the populace, is in the 2nd house emphasizing the concern of our citizens regarding their financial security.  

Transiting Mars in angry and aggressive Aries is square Mercury (the mind of the people) for the United States, adding fuel to the already hot emotional environment. And transiting Neptune in Pisces is over the third house of the media and communication, making it hard to know what is true but ultimately dissolving the lies and revealing long-hidden secrets.

We are only half-way through 2020 which has been full of intense and shocking events. Expect these types of events to persist as powerful and slow-moving planets Pluto and Saturn are both conjunct Natal Pluto for the United States.  Pluto brings big upheaval which prepares the way for regeneration and transformation. Saturn rules the government and often brings restriction along with an emphasis on responsibility and structure. As I have stated before, along with many other astrologers, this is a year when everything foundational will be transformed.

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