Halloween 2020 Full Moon in Taurus – Watch Out!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

This Full Moon is potentially very dangerous with unpredictable Uranus almost exactly conjunct the Moon, expect the unexpected!

Revolutionary Uranus is in earth sign Taurus until 2026, creating the potential for financial ups and downs, erratic human behavior as well as literal changes to the earth. At this Full Moon, it is almost exactly conjunct the Moon, making this a particularly dangerous time with emotions running high thanks to Mars in Aries.

Mars is in Aries until January 2021, an unusually long time. It continues to heat things up for the world and makes a tense square to Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Jupiter is in Capricorn, which rules government and long-held traditions, so this brings the possibility of increased aggression against the status quo. Unfortunately, fires and violence continue in the United States.

Whenever the Sun opposes the Moon, there is a push pull between opposite needs and forces such as the emotions and the rational mind, responsibilities of home and family versus work and so on. Relationships come into focus now and intuition is heightened during the Full Moon. The affect can be felt a few days prior to the Full Moon and lasts for about two weeks afterwards.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What about the United States?

The powerful and intense Scorpio Sun is opposite the more peaceful Taurus Moon. Scorpio is about big power which can sometimes be obsessive and manipulative. Taurus is about dependability, diligence, relaxation and the enjoyment of nature and the physical pleasures of life.

During the Full Moon, transiting Mars opposes Natal Saturn for the United States. This is an indication of continued struggle between the desire for fairness and harmony and aggression and riots.

This Full Moon is square the karmic Natal North Node of the United States in the 8th house, indicating possible volatility in the financial world and/or strong emotions around death and sex.  

Transiting Pluto continues its year-long conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn, bringing huge and powerful change to our world. It is nearing conjunction with Natal Pluto for the United States, a long feared event that is currently approaching at 4°53′ and one that can have tumultuous results for the country.

Mercury, the planet of communication and representing the media in mundane astrology, is currently retrograde but will be stationary direct on November 3, amplifying the effect of potential confusion and miscommunication around the election. Mercury is also square Saturn and Jupiter, both in Capricorn (representing the government, business, long-held foundational structures). There is the continued possibility of misleading or confusing information that may cloud the election results. Neptune, the planet of both dissolution and inspiration, makes some difficult connections to the U.S. chart indicating potential continued deception in the media.

On a positive note, for the United States, the transiting Sun makes a harmonious connection to both Venus and Jupiter, indicating a time of illumination and blessings that hopefully will transcend the more ominous indicators. Neptune makes positive connections to the U.S. Sun and Mercury; does this mean that lies will be exposed and our top leaders supported?

What to do?

The double whammy of Mars plus Uranus among other things during this Full Moon makes the next few days and weeks a potentially dangerous time. Aggression, anger, volatility, anxiety and accidents are all possible now. It may be more difficult to sleep or relax. Use your intuition to stay out of any potentially dangerous situations. Try to remain open and adaptable as change may be sudden and unexpected. Watch your own reactions and work to remain centered and loving to all. Lift up your neighbors, even if they disagree with you. This is a time when we can help bring healing in the midst of turmoil.

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