Halloween 2020 Full Moon in Taurus – Watch Out!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

This Full Moon is potentially very dangerous with unpredictable Uranus almost exactly conjunct the Moon, expect the unexpected!

Revolutionary Uranus is in earth sign Taurus until 2026, creating the potential for financial ups and downs, erratic human behavior as well as literal changes to the earth. At this Full Moon, it is almost exactly conjunct the Moon, making this a particularly dangerous time with emotions running high thanks to Mars in Aries.

Mars is in Aries until January 2021, an unusually long time. It continues to heat things up for the world and makes a tense square to Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Jupiter is in Capricorn, which rules government and long-held traditions, so this brings the possibility of increased aggression against the status quo. Unfortunately, fires and violence continue in the United States.

Whenever the Sun opposes the Moon, there is a push pull between opposite needs and forces such as the emotions and the rational mind, responsibilities of home and family versus work and so on. Relationships come into focus now and intuition is heightened during the Full Moon. The affect can be felt a few days prior to the Full Moon and lasts for about two weeks afterwards.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

What about the United States?

The powerful and intense Scorpio Sun is opposite the more peaceful Taurus Moon. Scorpio is about big power which can sometimes be obsessive and manipulative. Taurus is about dependability, diligence, relaxation and the enjoyment of nature and the physical pleasures of life.

During the Full Moon, transiting Mars opposes Natal Saturn for the United States. This is an indication of continued struggle between the desire for fairness and harmony and aggression and riots.

This Full Moon is square the karmic Natal North Node of the United States in the 8th house, indicating possible volatility in the financial world and/or strong emotions around death and sex.  

Transiting Pluto continues its year-long conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn, bringing huge and powerful change to our world. It is nearing conjunction with Natal Pluto for the United States, a long feared event that is currently approaching at 4°53′ and one that can have tumultuous results for the country.

Mercury, the planet of communication and representing the media in mundane astrology, is currently retrograde but will be stationary direct on November 3, amplifying the effect of potential confusion and miscommunication around the election. Mercury is also square Saturn and Jupiter, both in Capricorn (representing the government, business, long-held foundational structures). There is the continued possibility of misleading or confusing information that may cloud the election results. Neptune, the planet of both dissolution and inspiration, makes some difficult connections to the U.S. chart indicating potential continued deception in the media.

On a positive note, for the United States, the transiting Sun makes a harmonious connection to both Venus and Jupiter, indicating a time of illumination and blessings that hopefully will transcend the more ominous indicators. Neptune makes positive connections to the U.S. Sun and Mercury; does this mean that lies will be exposed and our top leaders supported?

What to do?

The double whammy of Mars plus Uranus among other things during this Full Moon makes the next few days and weeks a potentially dangerous time. Aggression, anger, volatility, anxiety and accidents are all possible now. It may be more difficult to sleep or relax. Use your intuition to stay out of any potentially dangerous situations. Try to remain open and adaptable as change may be sudden and unexpected. Watch your own reactions and work to remain centered and loving to all. Lift up your neighbors, even if they disagree with you. This is a time when we can help bring healing in the midst of turmoil.

Powerful Full Moon in Aries October 1, 2020

This Full Moon is particularly intense with the Moon in fiery and combative Aries opposite the Sun in harmony-seeking Libra. The Full Moon always brings tension between competing areas in our lives such as the responsibilities of work versus home, the practical versus the emotional, male and female and so on. This Full Moon engages the tension between Libra which looks for peace and Aries which wants to strike out and make things happen now.

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is currently retrograde, turning the powerful and forceful energy inward. This Full Moon is linked to erratic Uranus in Taurus, making it possible for the unexpected to happen. We may feel the urge to act impulsively and aggressively.

The Full Moon is conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron, making this a highly emotional time for many. Issues long buried may come to the surface for release and healing. It would be  beneficial to observe and process your emotions rather than lashing out at others. This is an opportunity to heal and release what no longer serves your growth. Mars square Saturn brings issues of restriction to the forefront and you may feel you need to break free from anything that has been holding you back.

What about the bigger picture?

This Full Moon makes some difficult connections to the chart of the United States, squaring the Sun and the Moon and making challenging aspects to Jupiter and Saturn. Thankfully, there are more harmonious aspects to Uranus, the karmic North Node and the Ascendant which can help make this an easier time.

What can we expect?

This could mean more difficulties for our President (Sun) and the emotional state of the people of the United States (Moon). Things can get blown out of proportion or there can be big news from governmental officials (Jupiter). Mars squares Pluto in the U.S. chart bringing the possibility for more police or military involvement (Mars) and continued upheaval in social structures (Pluto). Connections to Neptune and Mercury bring the potential for continued pandemic concerns and obfuscation of the truth in the media. Look for more emphasis on socialism, humanitarian concerns and increased issues around drugs and alcohol.

My Advice

Stay away from large public gatherings for the next several weeks. Take this time to work on your own emotional healing and stay clear of aggressive people and situations. Guard against rash decisions or impulsive actions.

Full Moon August 3, 2020: Revolution and Regeneration

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Watch out for the unexpected as the Full Moon squares erratic and unpredictable Uranus. Uranus rules Aquarius and can bring the unusual into our lives. Aquarius is humanitarian and often eccentric and rebellious.  Aquarius can be The Genius, The Scientist or The Revolutionary.

When we have a Full Moon there is always the push pull between opposites such as male/female, home/work,  desires/needs and so on. The effect lasts about two weeks. Emotions run high at the full moon even when it is in emotionally cool Aquarius. Mercury is also opposing Saturn at this Full Moon, making difficult or restrictive news a possibility. This can be a time of emotional upset for many.  

How does this impact the United States?

As shown in the double wheel chart below, this Full Moon aligns closely with the karmic Nodes of the Moon for the United States.  When this happens, emotions can get out of control and people can react emotionally rather than rationally. The U.S. South Node is in the 2nd house of finance and the North Node is in the 8th house of resources such as Social Security and insurance.  

Transiting Uranus, which is squared by this Full Moon,  also squares the Nodes for the United States. Transiting Uranus is over the 5th house of the stock market. Remember that Uranus is in Taurus now until April 2026. This will be a time period with unexpected and earth shaking events such as earthquakes, volcanoes and storms as well as shakeups to our financial world. Today we are watching the hurricane Isaias as it powers toward North and South Carolina. Congress continues to struggle with how to help Americans caught in financial straits brought about by COVID-19 and the shutdown of the economy. The Moon, which represents the people and the emotional condition of the populace, is in the 2nd house emphasizing the concern of our citizens regarding their financial security.  

Transiting Mars in angry and aggressive Aries is square Mercury (the mind of the people) for the United States, adding fuel to the already hot emotional environment. And transiting Neptune in Pisces is over the third house of the media and communication, making it hard to know what is true but ultimately dissolving the lies and revealing long-hidden secrets.

We are only half-way through 2020 which has been full of intense and shocking events. Expect these types of events to persist as powerful and slow-moving planets Pluto and Saturn are both conjunct Natal Pluto for the United States.  Pluto brings big upheaval which prepares the way for regeneration and transformation. Saturn rules the government and often brings restriction along with an emphasis on responsibility and structure. As I have stated before, along with many other astrologers, this is a year when everything foundational will be transformed.

Ominous Times? New Moon April 22, 2020 at 9:25 PM CST

Image by Lynn Greyling from Pixabay

Unfortunately, this New Moon warns of potentially devastating events. The combined power of the Sun, Moon and erratic Uranus are all together in Taurus, which rules the earth and money.

Uranus shakes things up and can bring unexpected and shocking events which can be beneficial or difficult. However, the New Moon square to Saturn makes this shakeup potentially ominous as Saturn brings restrictions. Saturn in Aquarius can indicate control over humanity as evidenced by the on-going COVID-19 lock down.

Expect upsets regarding the earth, finances and the public.

The huge energies of the powerhouse planets of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn are still in play from early January and will continue to exert their combined influence throughout 2020. Saturn has moved into Aquarius but will go back into Capricorn, adding its energy to the ongoing transformation of old establishment institutions. Everything is changing, and already we see this unfolding through the pandemic and the change is worldwide.

Saturn restricts and Jupiter expands whatever is happening for good or bad. Pluto transforms, often painfully, and can dredge up hidden things. Expect to hear more dark secrets revealed throughout the year.

Neptune, which is associated with pandemics, water, oil, and delusion makes a difficult square to Venus, which rules money. The price of oil has reached a historic low and Congress has spent trillions on unexpected bailout and other pandemic related expenses. Millions of Americans are now out of work.

In the United States Sibley Chart, shown below, the New Moon conjunction with Uranus is over the 5th house of the stock market. Transiting Uranus and the New Moon are square the U.S.’ North Node in the 8th house of death, indicating unexpected karmic loss. The Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn conjunction is over the second house of money. The financial health of the U.S. and the world will be an ongoing issue.

Transiting Neptune is squared the U.S. Mars in Gemini in the 7th house of opponents. This energy indicates continued rising tensions with China, and today’s conflict with Iranian ships.  

Transiting Neptune is opposite the U.S. natal Neptune, signaling a time for people to come together rather than remain apart. Empathy for others is growing and the United States’ Neptune in Virgo shows it is all about healing. There is growing compassion for those suffering from the virus or from the social effects both here and around the world. In the 9th house, this indicates government contributions to healing. Today, the U.S. Senate passed the $500bn small-business aid package.

The New Moon signals a good time for new beginnings and is usually auspicious for launching a new idea or project. However, this New Moon has some very difficult energies in play. Hopefully, the more positive aspects of the transiting Sun, Moon and Uranus to the United States’ Venus and Jupiter will soften and reduce the more dangerous elements of this time.

January 24, 2020 – New Moon in Aquarius

Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

The New Moon happened on Friday, January 24th, 2020, at 3:42 PM CST at 4 Degrees 22 Minutes of Aquarius.

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction and the dark side of the Moon faces the earth. The New Moon appears black at this time and signals the beginning of a new cycle.

The New Moon in the visionary and humanitarian air sign of Aquarius, brings friendship, group activities and altruistic efforts to the forefront. Aquarius is idealistic, inventive and cooperative and this energy urges us to think of new possibilities that will benefit all. Aquarius is emotionally detached and approaches things from an objective, scientific angle, away from drama and emotional intensity.

This Sun/Moon conjunction is square to Uranus, The Great Awakener, in Taurus. Uranus brings the unexpected, both positive and challenging. It shakes things up. It rules revolution, rebellion, technology and the Internet among other things. Uranus in Taurus is about making things practical and down to earth. Taurus rules the earth, money and the legislative branches of government so look for possible changes in these areas.

All planets are now direct so energy is moving forward and it feels like everything is happening more quickly.

If you have planets around 0 to 8 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you will feel this energy more intensely.

Shake-ups? Order from Chaos?

The New Moon on Sunday, October 27th portends shocking and unexpected shake-ups. It will be in Scorpio directly opposing Uranus.

Scorpio transforms people and situations by bringing up, sometimes painfully, all the hidden secrets and debris from the past, especially issues around sex, death and big power. Uranus is highly erratic and unpredictable and can shake things up in very unexpected ways. With Uranus in Taurus (earth), we could have some literal earth shaking events.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Expect chaotic and crazy behavior throughout society, from top leaders to family members and friends. Be aware of the tendency for aggressive response. This New Moon may intensify rebellions around the world. Unexpected and shocking news, changes and events may occur.

Look for ways to stay centered and peaceful. Take time for prayer and meditation. Maintain your balance and others will be positively affected. Remember that chaos happens right before we achieve a breakthrough, an epiphany and clarity.

The New Moon signals the end of one 28-day cycle and begins a new one. It occurs when the Sun is conjunct the Moon, energizing and invigorating the new start. The effects last about 4 weeks.

Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio from October 31 to November 20, so be prepared to reflect on what this heavy duty October has taught you. This is a strong intuitive time and you can use this slower reflective energy to meditate on the greater mysteries.

Uranus in Taurus 2018-2025 – Shaking it Up!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Uranus entered Taurus in 2018 and will stay there for seven years until 2025 – shaking things up worldwide around all that Uranus and Taurus rule.

Freedom, change, sudden insights, inventions, eccentricity, socialism, technology, anarchy, borders, earthquakes and volcanoes are some of the things ruled by Uranus.  

Taurus is concerned with the earth itself, the arts, singing, fashion, diet, cattle, Russia, the treasury and wealth, among other things.

We see evidence of this energy playing out on the world stage with the increased discussion of socialism, borders and anarchist violent groups. At the same time, people are demonstrating for increased freedom (Hong Kong). Expect this dichotomy to continue.

On a positive note, we should see more breakthroughs related to technology and health – perhaps there will be a wonderful cure or new treatment technique that works.  At the same time, our financial world will be changing and fluctuating along with the earth itself.

This is certainly an interesting time to be alive! To see where this might impact your life, contact me for your astrological analysis.