January 24, 2020 – New Moon in Aquarius

Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

The New Moon happened on Friday, January 24th, 2020, at 3:42 PM CST at 4 Degrees 22 Minutes of Aquarius.

The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction and the dark side of the Moon faces the earth. The New Moon appears black at this time and signals the beginning of a new cycle.

The New Moon in the visionary and humanitarian air sign of Aquarius, brings friendship, group activities and altruistic efforts to the forefront. Aquarius is idealistic, inventive and cooperative and this energy urges us to think of new possibilities that will benefit all. Aquarius is emotionally detached and approaches things from an objective, scientific angle, away from drama and emotional intensity.

This Sun/Moon conjunction is square to Uranus, The Great Awakener, in Taurus. Uranus brings the unexpected, both positive and challenging. It shakes things up. It rules revolution, rebellion, technology and the Internet among other things. Uranus in Taurus is about making things practical and down to earth. Taurus rules the earth, money and the legislative branches of government so look for possible changes in these areas.

All planets are now direct so energy is moving forward and it feels like everything is happening more quickly.

If you have planets around 0 to 8 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you will feel this energy more intensely.

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