Explosive Energy in the Air

We are entering the eye of the storm. A tsunami of difficult astrological influences is crashing over the world from October 2021 until the end of the year and beyond.

Expect volatile emotions. Warrior planet Mars is in play here almost constantly, bringing aggressive energy. Mars is combust the Sun in October and November, so watch for more explosions. This includes volcanos, earthquakes and similar earth related shakeups.

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The New Moon on November 4th will be opposite Uranus, another indicator for explosive events. The truth about many lies may be revealed. There could be shocking revelations about all aspects of reality including the virus, vaccinations and lockdowns. People may go through upsetting and disturbing paradigm shifts as a result of these disclosures.

The Lunar eclipse on November 19th threatens more shocking experiences as the eclipse involves a tight T-square with Saturn and Uranus. Look for events to begin about two weeks prior to the eclipse. During this build up period, you may find that you feel compelled either internally or externally to take action about something. A major change or shift may occur. However, the intended outcome of actions taken may not be realized. Lunar eclipses can be the culmination of something begun before.

The Solar Eclipse on December 4th is especially volatile and is close to Antares, one of the most dangerous fixed stars located in the Scorpius Constellation. It is associated with malevolence, devastation and death. There can be destructive pride and stubbornness involved. On December 30, Mars will cross over this dangerous eclipse point which can trigger more volatility.

The Pluto Return for the United States is exact in February 2022 although we are already in the throes of this titanic energy. When Pluto comes around to its starting place, empires form, fall or transform. The effect is extreme.

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Pluto rules the cycle of regeneration and is known as the Great Destroyer and the Great Transformer. Pluto will dredge up everything that has been hidden under the surface and bring it up into the light of day for all to see. There can be extreme destruction and literal or symbolic death. But what looks and feels like devastation paves the way for new birth and regeneration. We will have to see how this energy plays out for the United States.

The conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces follows soon thereafter in April 2022 and although many believe this will be a beneficial and spiritually uplifting time, this double whammy of powerful energy in Pisces could bring more suffering including another round of disease. In addition to pandemics and poisons, Neptune in Pisces has been historically linked to the outbreak of war. However this energy plays out, we are not done with all the upheaval, deception and revelations which will most likely continue into 2022 and beyond.

From now until January we have multiple major energetic confluences happening one after another. This includes third and final Saturn square Uranus which has been in effect all year. The tension and division has been felt worldwide and is evidenced by the protests of individuals against tyrannical controls as people struggle for personal freedom. Cognitive dissonance, ignoring potentially catastrophic issues and pretending everything is normal are all part of this dynamic. Loss of free speech, thought crimes, cancel culture, forced disruptions, civil disobedience and disturbing revelations after the fact can be expected and have been experienced by many. The intense struggle between these two astrological giants is really a clash between the old and the new, absolute control and personal freedom.

The many powerful connections happening almost constantly in the sky are causing what may feel like a tidal wave of intensity. You are probably already aware of what feels like speeded up and out of control anxious energy and you may have personally experienced some of the disturbing events described above.

Ride this one out if you can. Find ways to decompress and get centered. Stay calm and stay away from crowded situations.

Here is a list of the astrological events and the date the aspect is exact. Remember that this energy builds up and recedes and therefore can be felt before, during and after the exact date.

  • Mars Oppose Neptune – Sept 2, 2021                                              
  • Mars Square Pluto – Oct 22, 2021
  • Mars Square Saturn – Nov 10, 2021
  • Mars Oppose Uranus – Nov 17, 2021
  • Mars Square Jupiter – Dec 8, 2021
  • Mars Square Neptune –January 11, 2022
  • Saturn Square Uranus – Feb 17, June 14 and Dec 24, 2021
  • Solar Eclipse – December 4, 2021
  • Pluto Return for the United States – Feb 22, 2022
  • Jupiter & Neptune conjunct in Pisces – April 12, 2022
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  1. Great information! Seems grounding and more meditation for harmony and balance would smooth out that bumpy ride. We Earthlings take such changes so personal. The entire solar system and universe is also effected. Looking beyond the personal for a bigger picture would help us have a better perspective. Getting ready ⚘

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