All Eyes on Washington, D.C.

Image by Mickey Estes from Pixabay

January 6th and 20th are soon upon us and tensions are growing daily between all factions. Our country is divided like never before.

January 6 – Passion, Courage, Violence?

On January 6th, at noon in Washington, D.C., the Ascendant is 23 Aries and warrior planets Eries and Mars are conjunct in the sign of courage and taking a stand for what you believe. They are also conjunct the Fixed Star Altair, which is symbolized by a flying eagle, so appropriate for the political events taking place in Washington in the coming days.

Altair is thought to bestow hardiness and courage, especially when on the Ascendant.

Warrior Mars is very close to Uranus and moving toward an exact conjunction on January 20th, the day of the inauguration, a harbinger of unexpected events, passion and possible violence.

This is a plethora of courageous and volatile energy which could easily ignite and there could be unexpected attacks of some kind. As I write this, many people from across the country are making their way to Washington, D.C.

I expect high emotions on all sides, patriotism and possible violence on that or the surrounding days. Please pray for peace for all.

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