First Mercury Retrograde in 2020

Mercury Retrograde began February 17 at 12 degrees Pisces and continues until March 10 when it will be at 28 degrees Aquarius. It enters Aquarius on March 5.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Mercury, which rules our thought processes and communications, is weak in the watery dreamy sign of Pisces. As a result, things may seem especially vague and confusing and you may have a hard time getting a clear handle on matters.

However, as Pisces rules intuition, it is important to listen to and trust your inner guidance now rather than depending on your rational thought processes.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Once Mercury moves into Aquarius, things will be clearer and you should be able to see things from a levelheaded and higher perspective. You may have some important insights at that time.  

Mercury is the messenger of the gods and rules communication, it can also be the trickster. When it is retrograde you may accidentally email the wrong person or stumble over your words and say something you didn’t intend to say. So expect some issues around communication, travel delays and details that might go awry. Mercury Retrograde is also famous for bringing people from the past back into your life.

Mercury Retrograde is a time for reflection and review, a time for planning rather than initiating. Use the retrograde period to relax, meditate and get in touch with your Divine guidance.

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