Powerful Full Moon in Aries October 1, 2020

This Full Moon is particularly intense with the Moon in fiery and combative Aries opposite the Sun in harmony-seeking Libra. The Full Moon always brings tension between competing areas in our lives such as the responsibilities of work versus home, the practical versus the emotional, male and female and so on. This Full Moon engages the tension between Libra which looks for peace and Aries which wants to strike out and make things happen now.

Aries is ruled by Mars, which is currently retrograde, turning the powerful and forceful energy inward. This Full Moon is linked to erratic Uranus in Taurus, making it possible for the unexpected to happen. We may feel the urge to act impulsively and aggressively.

The Full Moon is conjunct the wounded healer, Chiron, making this a highly emotional time for many. Issues long buried may come to the surface for release and healing. It would be  beneficial to observe and process your emotions rather than lashing out at others. This is an opportunity to heal and release what no longer serves your growth. Mars square Saturn brings issues of restriction to the forefront and you may feel you need to break free from anything that has been holding you back.

What about the bigger picture?

This Full Moon makes some difficult connections to the chart of the United States, squaring the Sun and the Moon and making challenging aspects to Jupiter and Saturn. Thankfully, there are more harmonious aspects to Uranus, the karmic North Node and the Ascendant which can help make this an easier time.

What can we expect?

This could mean more difficulties for our President (Sun) and the emotional state of the people of the United States (Moon). Things can get blown out of proportion or there can be big news from governmental officials (Jupiter). Mars squares Pluto in the U.S. chart bringing the possibility for more police or military involvement (Mars) and continued upheaval in social structures (Pluto). Connections to Neptune and Mercury bring the potential for continued pandemic concerns and obfuscation of the truth in the media. Look for more emphasis on socialism, humanitarian concerns and increased issues around drugs and alcohol.

My Advice

Stay away from large public gatherings for the next several weeks. Take this time to work on your own emotional healing and stay clear of aggressive people and situations. Guard against rash decisions or impulsive actions.

The Never Ending Movie

Annular Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer on June 21 at 1:40:04 CST

Image by A Owen from Pixabay

It feels like the whole world has gone crazy and we are in a terrible apocalyptic movie that just won’t end. Unfortunately, it looks like there are more frames in the film to be played out.

With the once every 500 year triple conjunction of powerhouse planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter extending their influence all year, we are experiencing the tumultuous upturning of everything. Neptune is in the dreaded last ten degrees of Pisces, which promises more deception and illness. And now we have the Solar Eclipse and Mars looming in the near future.  

Eclipses are windows of personal transformation and are keys to predicting world events. It is important to remember that events don’t always occur exactly on or close to the date of the eclipse, but nevertheless, change is ignited through these powerful patterns and the energy can be seen to play out in the months that follow.

Some eclipses are stronger than others and this one is very strong. Eclipses can bring natural disasters and other large scale events.

This eclipse is very similar to the 2001 eclipse that occurred before 9/11.

This eclipse is in Cancer, a sign concerned with the home, family, emotions, safety, and in Mundane Astrology, the homeland and security. Some believe that this eclipse may trigger a new financial upset since it aspects the United States’ Venus (rules money and values) or some type of violence since Mars is heavily involved.

The Sun, Moon and North Node are conjunct during this eclipse, bringing world karma into play. When an eclipse involves the North Node, look for events to happen suddenly. Mars in Pisces squares the eclipse, bringing the possibility for more hostility and attack. Uranus and Neptune are semi square the eclipse, bringing the unexpected and potential for great delusion.

This will be a very confusing time for the populace. Five planets will be retrograde during this eclipse (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto). As a result, expect revelations, reversals and revisiting of past issues.

To top this off, Mars enters aggressive and assertive Aries just a few days after this eclipse and stays there for an unusually long time, until January 2021.  During this time warrior Mars will be over the 4th house of the United States, indicating law and order issues and possible terrorism. It is retrograde from September 9 to November 13, which is during the US Presidential election. Watch for high emotion and possible violence. When Mars squares Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, this can trigger changes in government, business and other foundational structures. Mars squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto three times this year. This is potentially explosive.

In the Vortex of Change

March 7, 2020 Super Full Moon in Libra at 9:35 PM CST

Image by 024-657-834 from Pixabay

The Super Full Moon on Tuesday, March 7, 2020 will be very powerful, adding to the monumental energies we have already experienced this year. This will be the largest Super Full Moon of 2020, when the moon will be the closest to the earth of any full moon this year.

Two powerful planets, aggressive Mars paired up with serious and restrictive Saturn are both squaring unstable Uranus. Look for big explosive, restrictive and unexpected events. In addition, the Full Moon squares the very strong Jupiter Pluto conjunction. This lineup of heavy hitter planets together with the biggest Super Full Moon of the year results in big energy and big emotion!

Full Moons are about our emotions and around the world people are feeling anger, grief, despair, confusion, uncertainty and depression; some are hopeless and see no path forward out of their great loss. Thankfully we are now getting a few breaths of Aquarius energy which will lighten our experience, bring hope and more positivity.

The Full Moon in Libra calls for emotional balance, harmony and justice and is exactly opposite the Sun in warlike Aries. There is a push pull between the need to calm the emotions, represented by the Moon, and the desire for courageous action, represented by the Sun.

As mentioned earlier, this Full Moon squares the powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction, releasing more energy for big and permanent change.

Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct three times this year at about the same location in Capricorn, most recently on April 4 and in the future on June 30 and November 12.  Pluto represents the power behind the power, and can result in often painful transformation, and the dredging up of secrets that must be brought out into the light of day.  Jupiter brings expansion and the desire for freedom and truth. Jupiter is the Great Benefic, ultimately providing protection against the ruthless but necessary transformation of the Great Malefic, Pluto.

Thankfully both Mars and Saturn are now in humanitarian Aquarius, making us think more about each other and what is best for all. There is a yearning for freedom and justice that comes with Aquarius as well as a desire to build and a vision for the future.

It is important to note that Mars, the Moon and Mercury often act as triggers for world events. With Mars square Uranus we could see aggression and rebellion, especially against any type of tyranny. Uranus always brings the unexpected and in Taurus can continue to shake up the earth as well as the financial world.

The Saturn Jupiter conjunction in January seems to have initiated this tsunami of big change we have been experiencing.  Saturn Jupiter conjunctions often herald the falling of kings, especially those that enslave others.

The United States’ Chart and the Super Moon

Using the Sibley Chart for the United States, July 4, 1776 at 5:10 PM in Philadelphia, PA and looking at the transits of the SuperMoon on April 7, there are some interesting aspects to consider:

  • Transiting Moon is square natal Sun (the President and the government)  and conjunct Natal Saturn (the elderly and conservatism) in Libra in the 10th house – signals that Feelings are high and the President and the elderly want truth, harmony and justice.
  • Transiting Mercury (communication and commerce) opposes natal Neptune (socialism and drugs, poisons) in Virgo in the 9th house (foreigners, legal system religious organizations) – communication about the pandemic and foreigners; the truth is obscured
  • Transiting Mars conjunct natal South Node in 2nd house & oppose natal North Node in 8th house– karma, something from the past must be released in order to move forward to lead from the heart, economy, social security and finances are being activated
  • Transiting Mars (Conflict, initiating energy) and Venus (arts, finances) are trine the Midheaven – positive energy for moving forward and finding peace and harmony
  • Transiting Saturn (elderly), Jupiter (Clergy, high courts) and Pluto (nuclear power, terrorism, upheaval of governments, powerful elite) oppose natal Mercury in 8th house of national debt, mortality rates, insurance and social security and conjunct natal Pluto (2nd house) – Issues around the elderly, involving the clergy and high courts and possible terrorist or power behind the power revelations. Secrets must come out. Economy should improve.
  • Transiting Uranus is over the 5th house of the stock market and square to North Node (karma) but positive aspects to Venus and Jupiter – stock market will be erratic all year, expect unruly events


It is true that our world is already vastly different than it was just a few months ago. The year has just begun and the changes have just started. We are experiencing the beginning of the Great Awakening with Uranus (ruling Aquarius) shaking things up and snapping us out of our trances. We may feel confused, lost or afraid of the unknown that lies ahead.  We are headed into a new way of being and we are now in the midst of the whirlwind of change.

It is important to pull up from the lower emotions and listen to the message of the Libra Full Moon. Find harmony, balance and center yourself during this transformative time. Just as the health care workers, truckers and others who are working hard to keep all of us going, you can do your part to help humanity by raising your consciousness through prayer, meditation and love. Walk in nature, appreciate your loved ones, listen to or create music. Participate in a group meditation or prayer chain – many are available online. Come out of fear into a place of harmony. As you do so, you raise the energy of the whole and provide a sense of calm and comfort for those who are suffering.

Contact me at [email protected] to learn how these aspects and 2020 may unfold for you!

Middle East Crisis – January 2020

On January 3, 2020 at about 1:40 AM in Baghdad a drone strike took out Iran’s number two leader and the leader of the world’s largest terrorist organization. At this time, Mercury/Jupiter and the South Node were conjunct in Capricorn and the Moon was in warlike Aries, square Mercury and Jupiter, Scorpio was rising (intense, powerful) and Uranus on the Descendant (unexpected events). Mars was in the very difficult 29 degrees Scorpio – an extremely powerful degree and especially in transit.

Mars is the planet of war, violence, aggression, heroism and courage. The position of Mars is incredibly important. It will be in Sagittarius for the next few weeks emphasizing the need to find the Truth in the midst of lies. Mars moves into Capricorn on February 17 and will join all the other planets in Capricorn. In the coming few weeks there will be many developments and expect retaliation. The upcoming Lunar Eclipse with tense energy and the lineup of powerful planets in Capricorn will add fuel to the fire. This begins an astrological acceleration of energy. Remain calm during this very difficult month.

Iran is ruled by Aries and Aquarius and the United States east of the Mississippi is ruled by Gemini, Sagittarius and Libra. When Iran responded with missile strikes on January 8 at 1:30 AM, the Moon in Gemini was in the 8th house of death, fear and secrets, opposing Mars (war) in Sagittarius and squaring Neptune (dissolution and delusion) in Capricorn (government). Venus (values) was in Aquarius in the 4th house of the homeland. No Americans were injured in the attack and some of the missiles did not explode. Perhaps this was an attempt for Iran to save face?