The Never Ending Movie

Annular Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer on June 21 at 1:40:04 CST

Image by A Owen from Pixabay

It feels like the whole world has gone crazy and we are in a terrible apocalyptic movie that just won’t end. Unfortunately, it looks like there are more frames in the film to be played out.

With the once every 500 year triple conjunction of powerhouse planets Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter extending their influence all year, we are experiencing the tumultuous upturning of everything. Neptune is in the dreaded last ten degrees of Pisces, which promises more deception and illness. And now we have the Solar Eclipse and Mars looming in the near future.  

Eclipses are windows of personal transformation and are keys to predicting world events. It is important to remember that events don’t always occur exactly on or close to the date of the eclipse, but nevertheless, change is ignited through these powerful patterns and the energy can be seen to play out in the months that follow.

Some eclipses are stronger than others and this one is very strong. Eclipses can bring natural disasters and other large scale events.

This eclipse is very similar to the 2001 eclipse that occurred before 9/11.

This eclipse is in Cancer, a sign concerned with the home, family, emotions, safety, and in Mundane Astrology, the homeland and security. Some believe that this eclipse may trigger a new financial upset since it aspects the United States’ Venus (rules money and values) or some type of violence since Mars is heavily involved.

The Sun, Moon and North Node are conjunct during this eclipse, bringing world karma into play. When an eclipse involves the North Node, look for events to happen suddenly. Mars in Pisces squares the eclipse, bringing the possibility for more hostility and attack. Uranus and Neptune are semi square the eclipse, bringing the unexpected and potential for great delusion.

This will be a very confusing time for the populace. Five planets will be retrograde during this eclipse (Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto). As a result, expect revelations, reversals and revisiting of past issues.

To top this off, Mars enters aggressive and assertive Aries just a few days after this eclipse and stays there for an unusually long time, until January 2021.  During this time warrior Mars will be over the 4th house of the United States, indicating law and order issues and possible terrorism. It is retrograde from September 9 to November 13, which is during the US Presidential election. Watch for high emotion and possible violence. When Mars squares Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, this can trigger changes in government, business and other foundational structures. Mars squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto three times this year. This is potentially explosive.

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