Best Time to Shed the Extra Pounds?

Image by Vidmir Raic from Pixabay

Did you know that obesity is considered one of the world’s biggest health problems? According to the World Health Organization, over 39% of the world’s adults and one in five children are overweight. This is a sign of our times and we can lay some of the blame on the sedentary lives most of us live with supersized meals and lots of extended time staring into screens from a seated position.

This has been a lifelong challenge for me and I have my 12th house Moon to thank along with several other aspects that make me expand it seems just by breathing! It is remarkable that all of these details can be seen in the natal chart such as the propensity to gain weight easily as well as other health challenges.

Medical astrology is a fascinating study of these findings. I recently had the opportunity to hear a lecture on weight loss and astrology given by Kira Sutherland, a naturopath, nutritionist and medical astrologer from Australia. Here is a link to her website.

Before I leave this third dimension world, I am determined to conquer this issue for myself and thought I would share my research with you in case some of you are in the same boat. There are astrological aspects that are in your natal chart that might indicate issues with slower metabolism, such as Taurus, Leo, Cancer or Libra rising. Other indicators could be a preponderance of Yin signs, such as Virgo, and Cancer. Of course, your free will always takes precedence and any or all of these things in your chart will not mean that you are destined to be overweight and have no say in the matter!  

The Moon

We probably all agree that the Moon has an impact on our world by regulating the tides of the ocean and large lakes as well as sometimes impacting our behavior as individuals. We have all heard that the Emergency Rooms are busier at the Full Moon and more babies seem to come into the world at that time.  

The Moon has an impact also on how we lose and gain weight. The sign and placement of your natal Moon may impact this for you personally, as it does for me. Take advantage of the 28-day Lunar Cycle for best results.

New Moon – Time for New Intentions!

Set your intentions at the New Moon when the energy is fresh. The New Moon is when the Moon is completely dark in the sky.

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Waxing Moon to Gain Weight

If you want to increase your muscle or size (I can’t imagine this, but I know there are people in this boat), begin when the Moon is growing or waxing. This is the time between the New Moon and the Full Moon, supporting increase and growth.  

Waning Moon to Lose Weight

Begin your new effort when the Moon is growing smaller or waning. This is the time between the Full and the New Moon. This Moon phase supports loss and helps you reduce and decrease in size.

More Considerations

Transiting Moon Sign

The sign the transiting Moon is in will also be important as well as transiting Venus and Mars. Transiting Moon in Aries is great for taking action and initiating something new. Cancer would support self-nurturing and Leo would give you courage to begin and the energy for creativity in the kitchen. Of course Virgo is the most health conscious sign and will give you practical energy to handle the details of a new plan; you most most likely come up with spreadsheets and checklists. Scorpio would help you make powerful self-transformation a reality. Capricorn would help you take responsibility and make restrictions. It’s probably a good idea to pass on Venus-ruled Moons Taurus and Libra since there might be a tendency to overindulge and slow down. The Moon moves quickly through all the signs, spending about two and a half days in each sign, so you won’t have to wait long for a supportive time.

Other Transits

Jupiter transiting over the Ascendant or first house will be a challenging time, so best to wait for this to pass. Saturn transits can provide the strength of will as can Mars. Uranus can help us shake things up and Pluto transits can bring significant transformation.

Know Yourself

What drives you to change? With a good understanding of your natal chart, you can use your motivation to work with your personal unique blueprint as well as the current and upcoming energies in the sky to reach the outcomes you desire. For example, for an individual with Aries Rising or on the 6th house of health and diet, transiting Mars in Aries passing over these points would give great energy to the effort. Need to understand your natal chart? Contact me for your natal chart analysis!