What is the Galactic Center?

The Galactic Center is the heart of the Milky Way, our home galaxy. Located about 27,000 light years from earth, the very slow moving Galactic Center (1 degree every 72 years)  is currently at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Our entire Solar System revolves around the Galactic Center, much like the Earth revolves around the Sun. It takes 250 million years for our Sun and solar system to revolve completely around the Galactic Center.

The Galactic Center is thought to be a super massive black hole and corresponds to the astronomical radio source of Sagittarius A.

This artist’s impression shows the surroundings of a supermassive black hole, typical of that found at the heart of many galaxies. Source: wikimedia/commons

Why is this Important?

Jupiter, the Great Benefic, joins the Galactic Center on November 19, 2019 and will continue to aspect this point through the end of November, bringing in expansion,  justice, abundance and awakening to higher knowledge and consciousness.

Other planets will follow Jupiter to aspect the Galactic Center including Venus (November 23) bringing in love energy, the Sun (December 19) making this a personal experience, Mercury (December 27) affecting how we think, and Mars (February 13, 2020) adding great energy to the mix.  

This will be a time of great awakening for many and if you have a planet within 5 degrees of this point, you will feel this more intensely.

Image by Dan Fador from Pixabay

Cycle of Learning

Jupiter returns to the Galactic Center every 12 years and brings with it the opportunity for expanded awareness of your Soul’s purpose. This is now an unusual return since Pluto (the Great Transformer) was at the Galactic Center in 2006/2007, bringing big and often tumultuous change.  Saturn (the Great Taskmaster) reached the Galactic Center in late 2017, bringing lessons, responsibility and sometimes painful learning. Think back to 2006-2007 and what was happening in your world at that time to gain an understanding of the cycle. Has your awareness grown and your insight changed over the past twelve years?

If you have planets that will be aspected, consider the house and energies involved for a deeper understanding of how this may impact you.

Full Moon in Pisces September 13/14, 2019 – Inspiration and Regeneration

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

Balancing Opposites

The Full Moon is the result of the opposition of the Sun and Moon. The Sun in Virgo and the Moon in the opposite sign of Pisces creates a polarity between these major luminaries. Virgo is all about details, order, physical health and work contrasted with Pisces which is concerned with the big picture, disorder, spiritual health and dreams. It is important to work with both energies at this time.

Extreme Neptune

The Full Moon on September 14th is conjunct Neptune which rules Pisces, empowering the following two weeks for expanded sensitivity, perception and spiritual connection. This double whammy Neptunian energy can bring feelings of insecurity and the possibility for deception and self-delusion. Be sure to make a reality check.


There are several interesting and strong aspects happening at the same time which can create the potential for discord, upset, confusion and disappointment. The dark side of Neptune can bring addiction, escapism and delusion. There is a tendency for excess and overconfidence. You can also be angrier now and more selfish, causing problems with relationships.

On a Positive Note

There are several very helpful aspects formed at this time that provide structure and powerful support for your deep emotional and intuitive explorations.


  • This Full Moon brings the potential for rebirth and a new beginning
  • Be aware of what is real and what is not
  • Temper your emotional responses to protect your relationships
  • Pay attention to your dreams and intuition

Let go of the deteriorating parts of your life and welcome the opening path for regeneration.

Important Aspects happening at this Full Moon

  • Jupiter square the Sun/Moon and Mars
  • Mars opposing Moon and Conjunct the Sun
  • Saturn trine Mars
  • Neptune conjunct the Moon, opposing the Sun and Mars, square Jupiter and sextile Saturn
  • Pluto sextile Moon, trine Sun, trine Mars, conjunct Saturn , sextile Neptune

Depending on where you are in the world, this Full Moon will happen on the 13th or 14th. For example, if you are in Denver, it happens at 10:35 PM on the 13th, if in Dallas, it is at 11:35 PM in the 13th and in New York, it is 12:35 AM on the 14th and so on. You can look up your location for the exact date and time at http://www.almanac.com .

Reiki and Science

Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing that is rapidly gaining respect in the traditional medical community.

Many highly-reputable healthcare systems are not only offering Reiki energetic healing treatments, they also offer classes for patients and staff – and the outcomes have shown positive results.

Data revealed strong evidence that Reiki is responsible for positive biological responses in both humans and animals, including:

  • Pain reduction
  • Improved  cognition in the elderly, related to dementia/Alzheimers
  • Relaxation and anxiety reduction
  • Relief from depression and improved well being

Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study” (which can be found at www.greenlotus.hubpages.com) provides an excellent  summary of Reiki and research findings.

The Touchstone Process is a peer review method for analyzing the current state of scientific studies on Reiki programs in hospitals, clinics, and hospice facilities throughout the United States. As of 2009, The Touchstone Process evaluated 25 studies that appeared in peer-reviewed journals evaluating the merits of Reiki treatments, with 83% showing moderate to strong evidence in support of Reiki as a viable, therapeutic healing modality.

What is a Full Moon?

Image by István Mihály from Pixabay

 A Full Moon occurs when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon and the side of the Moon facing the Earth is completely lit by the Sun, making it a beautiful and bright shining light in the heavens. We have a Full Moon every 29 ½ days.

It is the Moon’s revolution around the Earth that makes it seem as if the Moon is changing shape or going through phases.

At the Full Moon, the Sun and the Moon are opposing or exactly 180 degrees apart. This opposition is powerful and brings matters ruled by the Moon to the forefront while creating tension between those governed by both of the two great luminaries.

This opposing energy can create a tug of war between the areas ruled by the Sun (power, action, advancement, father) and the Moon (passive, emotions, intuition, mother).

Your intuition and dreams should be heightened during the Full Moon and the effects last for about two weeks.

Pluto Retrograde April 24 to October 3, 2019 – Purify & Let Go!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Pluto is retrograde five months every year and is currently retrograde in Capricorn until October 3., 2019. Conjunct Saturn, this brings a level of seriousness to this transformative energy.

Pluto is the Big Destroyer and is all about power and control. Pluto represents destruction that purifies and clears the way for positive regeneration.

Consider how power, control, prejudice, obsession and manipulation impact your life.

Do you try to control others? Are you biased or prejudiced? Do you suffer from obsession or addictive behaviors that hold you back from your spiritual growth?

You may notice themes in your life that bring this to your awareness.

Remember we are being called to be more nurturing and compassionate at this time (North Node in Cancer). This is the time to let controlling and obsessive behaviors go!

How does Astrology Work?

Image by Craig Melville from Pixabay

We are not really sure, and this has been debated by great minds including Carl Jung, who introduced it into his psychological counseling practice.

Astrology has been studied for thousands of years and it has been an integral part of cultures worldwide. Astrology is considered the most ancient science, the mother of astronomy, physics and mathematics.

Ancient Clock

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Some suggest that the constellations act like an ancient clock which can be used to mark the passage of linear time as well as explain non-linear, complex and subtle relationships, synchronicities and interpretations. According to Roman Yaworsky, it is “the most sophisticated quantum computer device ever imagined.”

The heavens reveal the cycles of time and our place in the drama of life. Your birth chart provides a blueprint or guide for your life path. It is important to understand that your free will choices determine how this energy will be expressed. How you build your life is up to you. Much like the North Star provides a point of reference for travelers on their journey, astrology provides a guide – shining a light on the events that unfold in our lives.

The fact that it has persisted through the ages shows that there must be something to it, or it would have been lost and abandoned long ago.  Those of us who study it are always amazed at the accuracy of detail that can be known if the observer is paying attention.

Alejandro Luna has stated that “astrology cannot be explained on the basis of the material level of reality. Astrology basically involves higher levels of reality related to symbols, language, emotions, psychology, the soul and the spirit.”

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Quantum Universe

In the quantum universe, everything is connected through an invisible web of complex energetic frequencies. At the core of everything is vibration and frequency. We know that our material world appears to be solid but is in fact just atoms vibrating at different rates with a whole lot of empty space in between the parts. Everything is interconnected, along with the consciousness of the observer, which ultimately determines what is seen and experienced. We all contribute and are part of the whole, forming an energy soup that makes up the universe.

How does a mother know when her child is in trouble? There is a connection between the essence of that mother and her child that immediately crosses any physical distance or boundary. Is this how astrology works – through an invisible energetic connection that provides subtle influences in experience?

Someday, when we completely understand the intricacies of how life moves through the cosmos, we will be able to explain this amazing ancient timekeeping guide that the Divine placed in the Heavens for us.

2020 – Reformation Repeat or Global Reboot?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Astrologers worldwide are anticipating the transformational energy of the unusual line-up of planetary energies in January 2020.  At that time, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto will all be in Capricorn.

Solar Eclipse on December 26

The very fortuitous New Moon Solar Eclipse on December 26 at 4 degrees Capricorn, is positively aspected to lucky Jupiter and innovative Uranus, bringing the opportunities for expansion and new and unusual experiences. This is a time for growth and success with an emphasis on personal freedom.  The effects of this eclipse will be felt for about 6 months, providing positive and happy energy to help us through the anticipated big changes to come.

Saturn Conjunct Pluto Plus Jupiter

Saturn and Pluto have been in Capricorn for some time now but will form a powerful conjunction beginning January 12, 2020 which will continue throughout 2020. In addition, Jupiter joins this conjunction for most of the year, adding power and expansion to this already very intense connection.

Image by Andreas Breitling from Pixabay

The last time Pluto and Saturn were conjunct in Capricorn was in January 1518, 2 months after Martin Luther (with 5 planets in transforming Scorpio) nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, challenging the power of the Catholic Church, launching the Great Reformation and the protestant revolution.


Saturn is the lesson bringer and the builder. It rules structure, foundation, integrity, responsibility and government —how we govern ourselves and each other. Saturn teaches patience as it represents old age, the slow passage of time and the wisdom that comes with life experience. When Saturn is in Capricorn expect to reap the rewards of past actions, for good or bad.


Pluto is the great destroyer and brings about powerful and often painful transformation. Pluto will dredge up the dross to expose it to the cleansing light of day. With Pluto in Capricorn since November 2008, it has certainly brought many scandals to light. Expect more of this to be exposed as this cleansing is necessary to release the old and welcome the new paradigm that is emerging.

Saturn Pluto Cycles

When Saturn and Pluto come together this can result in either greater empowerment of the status quo or revolutionary change and a dissolution of power.  They make hard angles every 8 ¼ years, are in opposition every 16 ½ years and are conjunct every 33 years. These hard angles result in upheavals and often uncomfortable change.  Some world events that coincide with this cycle include World War I in 1914, the Vietnam War in 1965 and the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy in 2001.

Image by meineresterampe from Pixabay

North and South Nodes – Karmic Cycles

Major karmic events, both global and personal, revolve around the position of the North and South Nodes. In November 2018, the North Node moved into Cancer and the South Node in Capricorn. The Nodes have a cycle of 18 ½ years, so at the halfway point and quarter points, hard aspects are formed bringing about change.

The North Node represents what we should move towards in our evolution and in the natal chart, it represents your life’s path. The South Node indicates what has been mastered in the past and the talents that are available to support the North Node transformation. However, because the North Node energies are new and unknown, we may be tempted to fall back on the tried and true and miss our opportunity for growth.

With the North Node in Cancer at this time, the world is being called to focus on humanity and operate from the heart rather than the head.  We are urged to nurture the people (Cancer and the Moon North Node) rather than the command and control all-business approach of the Capricorn South Node. The best expression of the North Node would be to harness the administrative talents of Capricorn to help others.

Image by dexmac from Pixabay

Ride the Wave of Change

With this explosive gathering of energies, expect change!

Uranus in Taurus until 2025 brings a  desire for personal freedom. Innovations and new inventions and breakthroughs related to health, diet, finances and fashion can be expected. Taurus rules the earth, so  expect more earth changes, storms and migrations of people out of areas of famine. This is a time of understanding what you value in belongings and personal relationships.

People, institutions and governments that serve with flexibility and humanity should thrive whereas those that are rigid and unbending will be dramatically changed.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Get ready to ride this wave of change into 2020 and beyond! Stay centered, work from your heart and treat others with compassion. This is an exciting time to be alive as we say goodbye to the old and welcome the new.

“Pluto’s journey through Capricorn until 2024 will ultimately restructure the foundations upon which we’ve to build our culture, including the economy itself.” –Rick Levine

Uranus in Taurus 2018-2025 – Shaking it Up!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Uranus entered Taurus in 2018 and will stay there for seven years until 2025 – shaking things up worldwide around all that Uranus and Taurus rule.

Freedom, change, sudden insights, inventions, eccentricity, socialism, technology, anarchy, borders, earthquakes and volcanoes are some of the things ruled by Uranus.  

Taurus is concerned with the earth itself, the arts, singing, fashion, diet, cattle, Russia, the treasury and wealth, among other things.

We see evidence of this energy playing out on the world stage with the increased discussion of socialism, borders and anarchist violent groups. At the same time, people are demonstrating for increased freedom (Hong Kong). Expect this dichotomy to continue.

On a positive note, we should see more breakthroughs related to technology and health – perhaps there will be a wonderful cure or new treatment technique that works.  At the same time, our financial world will be changing and fluctuating along with the earth itself.

This is certainly an interesting time to be alive! To see where this might impact your life, contact me for your astrological analysis.